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    A Cayenne S or a Cayenne Turbo????

    Hello guys!.

    Yesterday talking with my father, (he is right now in Madrid since a week or so), he went to Porsche dealer in Madrid more or less when the week started (don't remember if Monday or Tuesday), so he is deciding wether to buy a CS or CT. He has already drived both cars for 2days, and says both are excellent.

    He'll probably go for the CT, because it says that the engine power is very constant and you can be driving at very high speeds without knowing it (feeling it). I say to him to buy the CS, fully equipped with all extras as possible and forget about the CT.

    What do you guys think?. We already have a 997S, so this means a sporty car, and probably due to this he should go for the CS....But he says that the turbo is astonishing (he is only picking the car because of the engine, well that's obvious), but I don't know!.

    The cayenne would be used as 1rst or 2nd car, so probably daily car. May be a CS is better for daily, but as many rennteam members have the CT for daily, may be its better the last I mentioned.....Oh the car will be first here in Mallorca and then to Madrid(open, and wide roads for the CT .....What's the difference in fuel consumption from the CS to the CT??????.

    BTW: My father told me that if he goes for a CS it will be fully loaded, and if he goes for the CT, it will come as it comes from factory+the 20"sport design wheels.
    We have 4 cars right know!(an audi a3, the new mb a-class 200 CDI, the mb S-500 and of course the what is more appropiate the CT or the CS(my mother will also drive the cayennes).

    Well guys need your help!!

    Oh by the way he also had the chance to drive the new boxster!!!, he likes very much...but never change it for the 997S .
    Probably if he did some pics with its mvl phone I'll post them we he returns to Mallorca

    Re: A Cayenne S or a Cayenne Turbo????

    If your dad likes the power, let him get the Turbo. There is really no practical difference in the gas mileage between the S and Turbo that is not under the direct control of your right foot. Both are capable of getting fair mileage on the highway, up to 18 mpg, but 15 is more typical for the S and 13-14 for most people with the Turbo.

    The Turbo has higher oil consumption than the S but otherwise I don't see a downside to your father getting the Turbo. If he likes the power and the Turbo styling, why not. If price is significant, the S is less expensive, even fully loaded, by about 15-20%.

    Re: A Cayenne S or a Cayenne Turbo????

    Lets put it this way, if you are getting the chance to drive it every week or so nudge him towards the turbo, you wont regret it

    Re: A Cayenne S or a Cayenne Turbo????

    if the Money isnt an issue, go for the turbo, otherwise you will regret it someday.

    otherwise, the S should be 'enough'

    Re: A Cayenne S or a Cayenne Turbo????

    Cayenne Turbo!!

    i have an S and all days i need a Turbo!

    with the Turbo..i don't need an S




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