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    Any review of a 997 S with powerkit?

    Is it available any review of the car with 381ps?
    Does anybody of you have one?

    Re: Any review of a 997 S with powerkit?

    Yes, I have one and love it. It is the perfect daily driver. It is a car that is not that well known or understood. Most people can't get past the cost of the package and automaticallly assume (or opine) that it is not worth it. Well (imo) they are wrong.

    So you can put my comparision in context I also have a few other high HP cars, including a GT3RS (best ever), and had the 997 GT3 for a while (great car too). I also owned in the past a 996 X51, 996 GT2 and 996 GT3.

    If you need the back seats then it is the perfect chioce over the GT3. Plenty of low end grunt.

    Re: Any review of a 997 S with powerkit?

    I bought my 2006 997S brand new and spec'd it myself. I wasn't able to get the X51 from the factory because my salesman told me that, in January of 2006, Porsche did not have X51 kits available at the time since they had run out of them. That sort of surprised me and he thought that maybe they were being used on the Club Coupe cars at the time. I had the X51 retrofitted at my local dealer afterwards, when it had 3000 miles. Absolutely must have it as I've been able to compare before and after and there IS a difference that is worth the price, IMO. Then, of course, my car came out costing $123,000+ and all for a 997S! I guess I have to sort of justify such a high price on a 997S by convincing myself that it is worth it. It is worth the money but, had I done it this year, I would have bought a GT3 and saved the change. I just couldn't wait a full year without a Porsche. What an addiction!

    Re: Any review of a 997 S with powerkit?

    Here's a major review on X51 from Excellence Magazine. 7300 redline seems worth it to me; but I'm a sick bstrd.

    With the fluids properly warmed and a long onramp just ahead, it's time to put the X51 engine through its paces. In second gear and at full throttle, acceleration is strong - but then the same can be said for any Carrera S and even the 3.6-liter Carrera. The latest 3.8-liter 997s are powerful enough leave one wondering if there's much development potential left in the normally-aspirated flat six.

    X51 answers that question convincingly, with a 997 Carrera S-like powerband that's as linear as it is strong. It offers good torque from just off idle all the way up to redline, but it can't match the GT3's top-end fervor. It feels slightly more "workhorse" to the high-strung GT3's thoroughbred. But, in a 911 more likely to be used every day than most GT3s will be, that's a good thing. The X51 3.8 offers tractable power everywhere, with plenty of good noises and enough zing to keep things interesting as it reaches for redline.

    Does it feel faster than a plain Carrera S? Yes and no. No because it's tough to feel a seven percent power increase in a car that weighs more than 3,000 pounds and claims more than 350 horsepower. But informal roll-on tests in third and fourth gears later in the day saw the Club Coupe pull away from the 2005 997S slowly, but surely. It was exactly the difference you'd expect from a 26 hp/11 lb-ft advantage. Importantly, X51 gives up nothing across its powerband to the regular 3.8. Though its peak power and torque figures come 600 and 900 rpm later, the X51's powerband never dips below the 3.8's. Even from 1500-2000 rpm, it has a useful, 15 lb-ft advantage.

    People after the best horsepower-per-dollar equation might be happier spending their $17,000 on the aftermarket, but X51 has two edges that must be considered: (1) it maintains the factory's full warranty and (2) there's a sweetness to this engine that can't be quantified. The throttle response in the X51-equipped 2006 997S was plain superior to the 2005 997S we tried. The revised motor sings through its powerband with an alacrity one wouldn't know the standard engine is missing - unless he or she tried an X51. Gear after gear, pull after pull to its 7300-rpm redline, the X51 engine is considerably more satisfying than the normal 3.8 - which itself is no slouch.

    Re: Any review of a 997 S with powerkit?


    I've just got my car back after having the X51 retro-fitted, and must say that I'm very pleased with the results. While the absolute power shows a relatively small increase, the car just seems so much more eager to pull in any gear and at any RPM. While I'm sure it's possible to get more power using an aftermarket upgrade, I went for the X51 as I liked the Porsche warranty.

    Re: Any review of a 997 S with powerkit?

    Don't forget the comparison in GT Porsche Magazine posted by easy_rider911. I only wish they would have included a base 997S and had all the cars equipped with PCCB's or all cast iron rotors and the same tires to remove two significant variables.

    GT Porsche article compliments of easy_rider911

    Re: Any review of a 997 S with powerkit?

    I'm taking the slow way to retrofit the X51 into my cabriolet. First it was the PSE, and next week it will be the headers, after some port polishing. Then the X51 airbox. Maybe some day I can afford the heads!


    Re: Any review of a 997 S with powerkit?

    I had a 997 4s x51 + pccb. there is a great difference in motor response and overall power-feeling!

    Re: Any review of a 997 S with powerkit?

    Got it......Love it......Recommend it!

    Re: Any review of a 997 S with powerkit?

    It's certainly nice to have. I'll drive one with X51 shortly and will you know how it feels...

    Re: Any review of a 997 S with powerkit?

    Thanks a lot guys for all your anwers. Everybody seems very happy with it so think i will consider a 4s with x51 for my new baby. 997TT is still too expensive

    Re: Any review of a 997 S with powerkit?

    silvershadow said:
    Thanks a lot guys for all your anwers. Everybody seems very happy with it so think i will consider a 4s with x51 for my new baby. 997TT is still too expensive

    Keep in mind there're other _fun_ things to spend money (us$15k) on. When I ordered my 997S I established an arbitrary us$100K as an upper limit, tax included. That was my psychological barrier.

    Re: Any review of a 997 S with powerkit?

    Excellent choice- you should be very happy!

    The power kit amounted to about a 12% increase to the cost of my "baby." When you're already spending over 100k you may as well get what you really want.



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