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    GT3 too low

    I have a 2000 GT3 and I love it, but it's just too low to the ground. It scrapes its chin everywhere I go. Everywhere! The local dealer told me it can't be raised at all without compromising handling. Is this true? I don't mind losing a little handling if I can raise it just a bit, say 10-20mm.

    Otherwise, is there anything I can buy aftermarket (like coilovers?) which would allow more adjustment but still maintain proper suspension geometry?

    Thanks for any advice.

    GT3 adjustability

    I don't have a GT3 and unfortunately the suspension I have isn't adjustable.

    But, I have friends with the GT3 and I do know that it is adjustable. This is one of the big selling points of the GT3.

    In fact, the GT3 as delivered is unacceptable at Nürburgring because it bottoms out in a number of places. It is normal practice at the Ring to both raise the suspension and change the other settings from the stock. Matheny Racing at Nürburg are pros at this and seem to know just the settings to use for the Ring.

    In any case, yes, there are good reasons to raise it (even though others laughed at this idea on one of your multiple postings) and yes it can even improve the handling if done right.

    Now all you need to do is to figure out how to do it right.


    Re: GT3 too low

    Ask your dealer to contact Porsche in Germany and ask them for advise what to do to be able to safely raise your car (settings, height level, etc.). It is possible but I don't know exactly up to which height level.
    And yes, handling will be compromised, no matter how well you do the setup. Maybe the Cayenne will be the right car for you next time?


    Why don't you get one of these. We have real bad streets in Houston and my friend with his C2 had a hardest time (no GT3 in our streets here ) and got one of these and is very happy.

    By the way, I'm not affliated with this comapny at all they just have good and neat stuff for Porsche

    Re: Boomerang

    My thoughts exactly... I have not done this yet but am interested. Has anyone on this forum put the plate on the bottom for protection? If not, why not? William, Christian, why haven't you done something like this?... Just curious...

    Thanks everyone for

    the useful input (except the smart-ass Cayenne remark ). I'll check out Boomerang and try get info from PAG on raising it.

    Re: Thanks everyone for

    the adjustable coliovers let you change the spring perches. you have to raise the wheels off the ground and take them off. then you use a big spanner or a tool you can buy from porsche to screw the perches (the things the springs sit on) down a bit, which will raise the ride height. this will mean you have to adjust the camber and maybe change the sway bar settings to compensate for the change in center of gravity. but it probably won;t be much and may not even be noticeable under normal driving conditions. -gordon

    Re: Boomerang

    No need for it over here in Germany. And my car is low.
    But I also have to confess that my Turbo isn't my daily driver anymore and I don't get to drive up/down lot of ramps, etc..



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