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    986 seats: Is my a55 too big???

    I have a 986 S from 2003, and as far as I know with sports seats.
    Only in the back can be adjusted via electric switch.
    No lumbar support/adjustment. Full leather.
    My problem is I'm sitting on the sides of the seat. The sides (bottom part of seat) that are supposed to support the SIDE of my thighs, not the underside of them.
    It's not a problem on short trips- which is probably why I didnt notice it when I bought the car, but I end up sitting worse and worse the longer the trip is.
    I'm in no way heavily built or widebodied, so I simply cant understand why Im sitting like this in a car that supposedly delivers the best driver's experience possible.
    What can I do? Do I really have to buy new seats or is there another way of dealing with this problem?

    Good reason to trade up?!

    Re: Good reason to trade up?!

    get on the treadmill

    Re: Good reason to trade up?!

    Seriously. What can I do? Do they make "normal" size seats or did I just get an italian midget model?

    Re: Good reason to trade up?!

    Get a new 987
    Redesigned Seats *Considerable improvement in comfort on short and long journeys
    It is a fact that average body size across the world is getting bigger. To take account of this fact the front seats have been designed for larger people, particularly in relation to the width of the shoulder area and the seat cushions.

    Trade up

    Re: Good reason to trade up?!

    Any other suggestions than a 100,000$ trade?
    Sorry, but the price diff here in Denmark is considerable because of 180% taxes on cars.

    Re: Good reason to trade up?!

    The sports seats in my 986 are fine, i sit on the bottom of the seat with the sides at the side where they should be.

    Are you sure you didnt buy one of those 3/4 toy cars that David Beckham buys his kids?

    Re: Good reason to trade up?!

    the sport seats on the 9x6 generation are a bit confining on top for larger people

    Re: Good reason to trade up?!

    Yes, the top is more 'snug' than the bottom for me.



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