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    Car Wash - New Jersey

    I have been washing my 997S in the local (Millburn) car wash for the past nine months and they swore blind they could accommodate my car. I finally noticed it jamming in the tracks and of course the inner driver's side rear wheel rim is a bit chewed up. Can't understand how I didn't notice the problem before.

    Anyhow, much chasened I am looking for a car wash that will accommodate 295 wheels. Or a reasonably priced hand wash. Any suggestions?

    I live in Short Hills, work is Denville.

    PS: I'm definitely not looking to wash it myself, although I admire the fortitude of those who do!

    Re: Car Wash - New Jersey

    If you can't find a hand wash, then it means that when you do it will be at least a 10 minute drive there and 10 minutes back and 20 minutes for them to wash. You can do it yourself in 25 and get better results with no swirl marks from dirty towels.

    Re: Car Wash - New Jersey

    Any carwash can wash the car outside by hand. I wouldn't even consider running it on the tracks. It runs about $15. to have it done outside including tire dressing.

    Re: Car Wash - New Jersey

    Try Rolf's in Summit...he claims he can safely do Vette's with 12 inch rims. Personally, I have not had trouble with the 275's and the stock rims on my E55

    Re: Car Wash - New Jersey


    I actually went to the Summit car wash for the first time on Sunday and they did a great job, but it was they who cautioned me that their track was too narrow and suggested a hand wash on Rt22.

    The week before the Millburn car wash folks had told me there was no problem after I saw my car stuck in the tracks 'bucking' as the rollers ran under the wheels. I have been going there since I got the car last November but never bothered to watch the car as it went through the wash. BTW, they do a lousy job and should be avoided.

    I called my dealer (Paul Miller Porsche) to ask for his suggestion and he told me to check the rear wheel rims. Sure enough the driver's side wheel was chewed up a little on the inner side of the rim.

    That is my sad tale.

    Re: Car Wash - New Jersey

    Hey guys,

    can you recommend a detailer in northern NJ?...i'm near hoboken, but can travel to other summit, etc.

    Re: Car Wash - New Jersey

    There are plenty of handwash places around Hoboken and Jersey City and even Edgewater. I live near West New York.
    There is one by the Edgewater Commons behind Exxon gas station side road. I forgot the name of the road.

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