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    GT3RS Cup and RSR Engine

    Why doesn't any tuner use any of the parts from Porsche Motorsport to modify the GT3 engine.

    In particular I am talking about the intake that is on the RSR. The intake on the RSR has 6 throttle control valves - 1 for each of the 6 cylinders, and along with cam mods and ECU mods and air intake mods allows the motor to run up to 435HP.

    In October issue of EVO they have an article on Porsche Motorsports. The 3.6L motor is good for 10,500rpm's and almost 500 normally aspirated power.

    I have posted this question before, only to get people telling me that the RSR and cup cars need their engines broken down every race etc etc blah, blah.

    But I don't see why or how putting an intake like this would jeopardize liabiliy.

    FVD sells intake manifolds for the 964's (6900 Euros) which combined with new cams, and ECU gives another 30HP.
    Further the new M5 has 10 throttle control valves for each of its 10 cylinders - and I know that engine wont need to be broken down every few thousand miles.

    Does anyone have any legitiamte answers to this?

    Re: GT3RS Cup and RSR Engine

    There are tuners using those valves. I can't recall any names right now, though.
    Sportec and RUF, perhaps?

    Re: GT3RS Cup and RSR Engine

    My guess is that the additional throttle butterflies do not cause any shorter engine life by themselves, but that their benefit is derived by allowing better air intake flow at very high revs. If you keep the 8,200rpm redline, they probably provide negligible improvement. So, to maximize their benefit, you need to rev very high. And revving very high causes frequent re-builds...

    Re: GT3RS Cup and RSR Engine

    I have to agree with Grant on that one. If you remember that those RSR engines have to last at least a single 24hour-race this is clearly less distances than you might drive with your GT3 on the street. The hp figures on those engines are primarily due to higher RPMs.

    I am also not too sure if there wouldn't be a cheaper way to improve engine output - the modifications on Cup-cars and endurance racers are due to regulations that restrict you to improve on other parts.

    Try for street-useable engine modifications on the GT3. I cannot comment on them but they increase the displacement on above mentioned models and work for several racing teams either!


    Re: GT3RS Cup and RSR Engine

    RR4 said:
    Why doesn't any tuner use any of the parts from Porsche Motorsport to modify the GT3 engine.

    In particular I am talking about the intake that is on the RSR. The intake on the RSR has 6 throttle control valves - 1 for each of the 6 cylinders, and along with cam mods and ECU mods and air intake mods allows the motor to run up to 435HP.

    Does anyone have any legitiamte answers to this?

    The intake manifold with 6 throttle control valves will be just one of a multitude of changes incorporated into the RSR engine to enable it to produce its much higher power rating at much higher revs. What makes you think that using this particular item in isolation will be effective or cost efficient?

    Something tells me you are not going to accept this as a "legitimate answer".

    Re: GT3RS Cup and RSR Engine

    It isn't always easy for Tuners, especially those who aren't involved in motorsports or who don't have a "good friend" at Porsche Motorsport, to get all Porsche Motorsport parts which are available.
    And Porsche Motorsport parts are usually not cheap, making them pretty expensive for customers when the Tuners add their "share" to the price tag too.
    There are indeed Tuners who modify GT3 engines using Porsche Motorsport parts. But these engines usually aren't street legal and if they are, there is a lot of money involved.

    And are you really sure you want to use Porsche Motorsport parts for tuning? Racing parts are usually made VERY durable with a short lifespan duration in mind.
    So you might get titanium con rods and they resist much higher stress but for how long? 5000 km? 10000 km? Again just a theoretical and inaccurate example but I guess you get my point again.

    Customers want CHEAP stuff, just read the comments on and other internet forums.
    People don't understand the difference in quality regarding engine software, how do you want them to understand the difference in hardware quality?

    Would you pay let's say another 20000 USD to get your GT3 engine modified with Porsche Motorsport parts to let's say 40 HP more? Especially since there are so called Tuners who offer the same for 2000 USD? Just an inaccurate example but you get my point.



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