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    997.2 GT3 Track Drive

    This was not a (track) driver training day but done as part of a client intro day to the car through the Porsche Sport Driving School on the track.  12 people, 3 cars, 25 laps each.  Here’s some takeouts:

    All the GT3s had PCCB’s fitted – they were amazing in terms of their initial and consistent bite.  We all managed to pull the car up much sooner than what we initially thought possible (and almost all of us have done track days on the same track with the 997.1 GT3).  There was a reasonable amount of chat about the PCCB’s longevity – as the Chief Instructor noted, these cars have done about 3,500 track km’s and not a single issue.  But they did squeak at slower pit-lane stopping speeds.

    The next most noticeable item was the PSM (SC+TC).  It was superb; only engaging when it needed to – the only ‘false’ engagement that I encountered was when I rode the track curbing a little too high, I didn’t feel it interfere but just saw the light flicker in my peripheral vision.  I did head into a couple of turns too fast (for me), and where the 997.1 car almost certainly would have spun me, the 997.2 just forgave me.  No one spun the car the entire day – SC did its trick.

    The step-up in power and torque this car has is quite noticeable.

    The centre wheel locking nuts looked to be a pain as you need a 4ft long pole to loosen them.

    The front axle lift system is a must as this car sits low.

    This car is incredible – I don’t know how they could make it better.  Driving this car is guaranteed to put a big smile on your face.

    TPM doesn't work well with track use.

    We also did hot laps in a ... dare I say it ... a Panamera S (with 4 people in the car), and although I barely regard it as a Porsche, it was quite amazing to witness how well it performs on a track – quite astonishing.DSC04315.JPG




    Re: 997.2 GT3 Track Drive


    Thanks for the insight Jay, I've just ordered the new GT3 and I'm thinking of doing the driving training day in the new GT3 at Queensland Raceway early next year before my GT3 arrives in May. Is it worth spending AU$3,000 for the day ?


    Re: 997.2 GT3 Track Drive

    It is 100% worth it prior to your car arriving.  I've done that 3 times and the Cup Car twice.  But once your car is here you might want to use that on the track with a good instructor which will cost you under 1/3.




    Re: 997.2 GT3 Track Drive

     Thanks Jay, I believe all the 12 guys at the new GT3 intro day are GT3.1 owners, what was general feed back and how many would consider upgrading to the new GT3?




    Re: 997.2 GT3 Track Drive

    It was quite a mix of people, not many having 997.1 GT3's - but there were already several orders amongst the group for 997.2 GT3/RS. 

    Feedback was positive, I didn't hear a negative comment all day.  Let's see how the PCCB's hold up - I think a lot of mixed feeling re those given the history of them.







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