Carlos from Spain said:
Grant said:
Carlos from Spain said:Yes but look at the price difference between the 360 and the 430... they jumped a whole model class, as much in performance/development than in price. Its not a fair comparison.

What is the price increase from base 360 to base 430? I know the 360 went up alot over the course of its reign, but I thought the increase to the 430 was around 10% or so (not a whole model class increase). I can't remember...

I don't remember the figures but it was something like twice the price difference between the 996 and the 997"S".

If it is twice the difference then you have to figure that the price of the 360 is over double that of the 996... as well as the 430 to 997s.
Performance-wise the 430 is a grand leap over the 360. You can see that they looked at their competition and said...
"ours costs a lot more, it better be faster"