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    Mercedes-Benz SLC?

    Hey All,
    Just saw a road and track article on the Mercedez Benz SLC. I have never fancied the designs of most Mercedes high-end cars (i'm an Audi fanatic), however this CGI looks very hot!

    Link to Article

    Article Text
    "There have been rumors for quite some time of a McLaren/Mercedes-Benz split from building high-end road cars. In fact, after the ambitious but not-very-successful Mercedes SLR McLaren, shared plans for a smaller (and more affordable) super-sports model were abandoned.

    Instead, Mercedes' DTM partner-HWA-has been chosen to develop and build the baby SLR. This new SLC will be based on the next-generation SL (code-named R231, scheduled for 2011), a front/mid-engine car with rear-wheel drive, in contrast to earlier speculation of a smaller mid-engine Mercedes-McLaren. A show car is under construction and will be displayed at Geneva next spring.

    You might be familiar with AMG, Mercedes' tuning division, but what is HWA? Actually, it's very similar. The letters stand for Hans-Werner Aufrecht, a former Mercedes engineer and co-founder of AMG in 1967, which itself stands for Aufrecht, Melcher (a business partner with Aufrecht, who later resigned) and Grossaspach (the village name of AMG's first headquarters near Stuttgart).

    In 1998, Mercedes took over 51 percent of AMG. But AMG's motorsports activities, engine development and special vehicle department were left to Aufrecht, who immediately founded HWA. In early 2005, Mercedes took over Aufrecht's remaining 49-percent stake in AMG. Now, HWA employs 224 people and takes care of Mercedes' special operations, such as the works DTM team. A little-known fact, it was HWA that built such limited-production series models for Mercedes as the road-going CLK GTR and the CLK DTM AMG.

    And though HWA will develop and build Mercedes' new sports car, the name will read Mercedes-Benz SLC AMG...not HWA.

    The SLC will have a fixed carbon roof to lower the center of gravity and gullwing doors to link it with the SLR. The SLC will be a 2-seater, although one of the design goals is that the car provide more than adequate space for two people and their luggage.

    The SLC engine is well known and respected for its performance- the 6.2-liter AMG V-8. In the SLC, it will be modified to pump out 700 bhp. Even more punch will arrive when a twin-turbo version makes its debut later. HWA is aiming for a price of around $200,000, and only 500 cars will be produced in total."

    Re: Mercedes-Benz SLC?

    Nice information - pic is nice too, seems to be a heavy photoshop of a new CL63/65amg

    Re: Mercedes-Benz SLC?

    Thx for posting

    Sounds like SL63 BlkSeries....

    My guess is 4000lbs, like 599...

    And, given SL's physical dimensions (esp length/ht/wb/width) are very similar to 997TT, w/NA ?63 motor, fast gearbox and advanced chassis tech, could be a rather interesting comparo vs 599....

    Though I wonder if AMG may have new NA, high-tech, lighter V12 motor (replacing archaic, heavy 65) available within next 12 mos....

    Only problem is I'm already 3rd-4th on my MB dealer's waitlist for SLxx BlkSeries...behind the same car addicts who also got the first new 599s and CL63s upon launch....

    Re: Mercedes-Benz SLC?

    looks a bit like the new corvette....

    Re: Mercedes-Benz SLC?

    Mike S said:
    looks a bit like the new corvette....

    yes... excatly!

    Re: Mercedes-Benz SLC?

    Lars997 said:
    Mike S said:
    looks a bit like the new corvette....

    yes... excatly!

    More like the Cadillac XLR if you ask me..

    Re: Mercedes-Benz SLC?

    This car is going to look sick. Watch out Batman!!!

    Re: Mercedes-Benz SLC?

    check out german AMS site, they have some better pics ans some fractual and speculative info.

    Re: Mercedes-Benz SLC?

    Why bother covering it up when they just use a Viper body?

    Re: Mercedes-Benz SLC?

    According to an article by AutoExpress McLaren intends to launch an own supercar more or less in time with the SLC. I wonder if mother company Mercedes will allow for that - if it'd indeed be the case those two cars will provide the clear differentiation in philosophy that the current SLR's development struggled through.

    Re: Mercedes-Benz SLC?

    Hope it won't be another proportional nightmare like the SLR

    Re: Mercedes-Benz SLC?

    I am pretty sure that Mercedes had too much to say in the SLR's development. After all it was the Mercedes designstudio that was responsible for the SLR's design which is, in my eyes, not 100% appropriate for this car and is, maybe on purpose, missing any significant link with McLaren's previos release, the F1. Not to mention the technological differences between these cars!



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