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    Re: What are advantages of Clear Bra?

    911Fanatic said:
    Does anyone have any experience pulling the clear bra off? Just wonder if there will be any discoloration with protected and nonprotected paint?

    The film manufacturers claim that the film allows the paint underneath to discolor the same as the uncovered paint. Anyone have any experience with this????


    Re: What are advantages of Clear Bra?

    Does anyone have any experience pulling the clear bra off? Just wonder if there will be any discoloration with protected and nonprotected paint?

    Well, I'm on my first clearbra, but I believe that my experience with my black 1996 993 can suffice as a fairly valid test...

    The material Porsche uses for protection on the front of your rear wheel arches (I call them stone guards) is the same exact 3M material, it's just not quite as thick. When I purchased my 993 as a used car in the summer of 2003, it had the original stone guards on it, and they were pretty-much thrashed. The rest of the car was a well-cared-for, 43,000 mile beauty. So I decided that it was a MUST-DO to remove the old original stone guards, and install new. I removed the old ones myself. Once removed, I wiped the area with a citrus-based paint-safe adhesive remover to remove all the residual adhesive, and then I polished the area with Meguiars #7 cleaner/glaze. After 7 years of being on the car, there was zero discoloration, zero shadow or shrink-line around the perimeter. It was perfect. I then had the local 3M authorized installer come out to put my new pieces on. He's the one who clued me in about the clearbra. The nose of my 993 wasn't bad, but it was chipped and touched-up to the point that investing in a clearbra on it was pointless. But when I got my new 997, I had him put it on right away.

    Re: What are advantages of Clear Bra?

    Smart move. You'll probably be every happy.
    As a side. The experience of the person doing the install is key to having it done properly. Don't take anyones word for it when having this done. Make sure they REALLY know what they are doing.
    I have it on 3 vehicles but have not removed it. I have seen the removal of a clea bra that had to be 5+ years old on a red Ferrari 355 and did not notice any difference in paint color.

    Hey, who changed the header ? LOL !

    Re: What are advantages of Clear Bra?

    Can we just change the topic line to "What's the skizzy on the clearbrizzy?" and be DONE with it??

    Re: What's the skizzy on the clearbrizzy?

    LOL !
    Good one.

    Re: What are advantages of Clear Bra?

    STRADALE said:
    Hey, who changed the header ? LOL !


    Re: What are advantages of Clear Bra?

    Guess it's 'fitting' as I don't see any disadvantages

    To some the barely noticeable line if you have the hood and fenders done might be one but I've gotten so used to it that it doesn't bother me one bit. Honestly, if I was looking at a pre-owned I would much rather see a clear bra then a naked front end !

    Installers in San Francisco Area?

    Can anyone recommend an installer in the Bay Area? I am about 30 minutes north of the city. In my experience the installer is crucial for this product; I had someone butcher my G500 about two years back...

    Re: Ive made my decision

    Thanks everyone for your input. I have contacted the dealer and told him to install the 3M bra. My porsche will be ready on the 20th. Its been along wait -ordered in DEC- but I think these last 9 days will be the worst!!!! Thanks again

    Re: Ive made my decision

    Just found this, if anyone's interested. Sorry if it's been highlighted before...

    > Interesting article on film protectant - good pics and tests <

    Re: Clear Bra

    Anyone in the UK had this done - if so who did it?



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