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    The Factory Collection Experience

    Come October / November my new C4S should be ready for delivery.

    I was wondering if anyone has done the Factory collection, how it all went and what they thought of it.

    Re: The Factory Collection Experience

    ElTonioni said:
    Come October / November my new C4S should be ready for delivery.

    I was wondering if anyone has done the Factory collection, how it all went and what they thought of it.

    I know some dutch people who did it, and they loved the whole thing..
    I wanted to go and collect my car too, but for belgian inhabitants it's not possible (has something to do with the belgian porsche importer

    Re: The Factory Collection Experience

    ElTonioni said:
    I was wondering if anyone has done the Factory collection, how it all went and what they thought of it.

    I did the factory collection of my 997S on a rainy day in July. With the very first step I made out of my home it started to rain. Since I cleaned my 993 the day before to make pictures of both cars I was in a bad mood before the whole thing even began. Actually, I wanted to take pictures of 3 generations of Porsches on one photo. My friend who came with his freshly cleaned 996 Targa wasn't too happy, too.
    At first we went to the dealer to get the plates and papers. Then we drove to the factory collection (Werksabholung). In the same building there is also the Porsche Selection Shop and the Porsche Museum. Both in rooms that are much too small for their purpose. There's just a dozen of cars in the museum. So, you really can't call it a museum. At least they have started to build their new museum now.
    Ok, back to the factory collection. All the people gathered in the lounge and waited for the start of the factory tour. Our tour started at 10:30 and lasted till 12:00. We were in a group of more than 20 people. According to the tour guide that was a very large group. Usually the groups would be smaller. The size of the group was a problem since only the ones standing next to the guide could actually hear what he said. The other problem was that large parts of the factory were restricted area on that day due to an upcoming event that the guide wouldn't disclose. So, we have seen a lot of unspectacular buildings just from the outside. We have seen the 'wedding' of engine and chassis, last steps of engine production, mounting of the body and the processing of leather. Did you know that they need 4 hides of cattle to fit one Carrera with full leather?
    After the tour we went to lunch in the Casino - the best part of the day . From up there in fifth(?) floor you have a very good view over the area.
    It was about 2 o'clock and it had stopped raining when we walked back to the building of the factory collection to finally get the car. Car handover took another hour. The picture below was taken in the car handover hall. The only interesting detail I got to know from the guy who did my car handover was that they had installed Sport Chrono for one customer without the ugly stop watch!
    Another thing I noticed was that there were cars with PSE installed waiting for delivery. My own PSE order was canceled and I had to retrofit it later. At least I had to pay for the parts only and got the labor for free.
    Hmm, and guess what, when I drove off it started to rain again. So, I drove home, had to clean two cars and was literally, pi**ed. It took another 3 long days until it stopped raining and I finally could enjoy a drive.
    All in all factory collection was an experience I could easily have lived without it. I must admit though that I work for the automotive industry and have visited Porsche many times before.

    Re: The Factory Collection Experience


    especially concerning the sport chrono option without the ugly stop watch!!



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