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    N-spec tires

    My 06 Carrera coupe will soon need fresh rear tires (12,500 mi), however, the Conti Sportcontact2's it's shod with are no longer available in N-spec, but can be had in non-N-spec 295/30/ZR19. My front tires are still like new, and I'd hate to scrap them at this point. Can I replace rears with the non N-spec tires. I only drive the car for pleasure in good weather.. I plan on going with Michelins or Pirelli's at next go around when all four need to be replaced, but would rather buy just rears for now.
    2006 997 carrera coupe

    Re: N-spec tires

    AFAIK the N-spec version of a particular tyre is a slightly different version of that tyre which is more customised during its development according to PAG requirements.

    The bottom line is whether you are happy to mix 2 different pairs of tyres on your car.

    There MAY be some legal/contractual issues that impinge upon your decision.

    Here in the UK, OPCs expect Porsches to have N-spec cars on trade-in - they do a 111 point check when accepting a used car and it's one of the things they check for on their checklist. If the tyres are not N-spec, then I've heard of UK OPCs reducing the trade-in price in order to fit N-spec tyres. It's also a requirement to have N-spec tyres when purchasing a Porsche extended warranty in the UK.

    Now, the above 2 factors (regarding trade-in and the extended warranty) apply in the UK. Since you reside in Connecticut, I think you should check whether these 2 factors (and any other minutiae) apply where you live or whether they are completely irrelevant in N America.

    In addition, if your car is leased, is there a term in your contract that stipulates the kind of tyres you must use? It could be an indirect mention e.g. 'only Porsche approved parts must be fitted' etc. It's essential to check.

    Other than the contractual/legal aspects, mixing different tyres is really down to safety & handling. I will leave that side of things to others here (who have greater expertise) to advise you on that.

    All the best,

    997S GT Silver/Cocoa, -20mm/LSD, PSE, SportDesign rims, Zuffenhausen collection: I love this car!!!

    Re: N-spec tires

    Having lived in Connecticut for many years I can attest that they do not care one bit.

    It's simply a matter of whether or not you are comfortable driving on slightly different fronts/rears.  Be sure to check all the major suppliers before committing.

    Next time go with Michelin PS2s :) 


    09 AMV8 Vantage (12/08)

    Re: N-spec tires

    Once when I lived in Florida I ordered online from Tire Rack for my 964, front tires NON N-Spec whilst rear tires were N-Spec.

    The following day, I received a phone call from a salesperson who tried to make me change my mind. He actually pushed me towards cheaper ones but all N-spec.

    I said NO, and when I received the tires, on the invoice there was a line saying that I had been advised and I declined.

    Then, when I showed up at my OPC, they simply refused to install the tires on a then, 8 year old 964.

    Bottom line, I had to ship back the 4 tires and go for another brand with 4 N-Spec.



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