First Mercedes-Benz signed up McLaren to build its $330,000 SLR roadster at its new Woking, England-based tech center. Now, it's initiated McLaren's F1 ace and Australian Grand Prix champ David Coulthard to help develop the vehicle.
The Scot was snapped driving a heavily disguised prototype version of the forthcoming supercar during a recent shake down test in Germany. According to Mercedes-Benz sources, Coulthard was called in to lend expertise to the tuning of the suspension and associated electrical systems, such as stability and traction control, prior to the SLR being signed off for production.

To be unveiled at the Frankfurt motor show in September, the left-drive only SLR is set to become not only the fastest but also the most expensive Mercedes-Benz road car to date. Power is rumored to come from a beefed up version of the supercharged 5.4-litre V8 engine used in the SL55 AMG, boosted in this case to push out close to 600 hp and propel the car to a 185-mph top speed.
Volumes will be limited to around 500 cars annually over a planned seven-year production period. Mercedes-Benz and McLaren have invested around $220 million in the development of the new car, which will compete head on with the Porsche Carrera GT and Ferrari Enzo.