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    Electronics problems

    Just got of the phone with the maintenance department at my dealer, where my car is now for major maintenance.
    This was the opportunity to chat for a while with the mechanic who takes care of my car and catch up with him.
    Really nice guy who is not working for sales so, has no incentive of BS me.
    He said they have major difficulties keeping up with electronic problems and that it's becoming worse and worse, of course, nothing dramatic but still, it's a problem.
    His main concern was that cars are getting more and more advanced in terms of electronic technology and the mechanics don't have the skills and worst of all, Porsche AG doesn't do anything to train the guys.
    He is permanently on the phone with Germany, not to speak about the language barrier.
    I don't know it this is signigicantly bad, I hope not, but it's not the only brand for sure.
    The worst by far is the Cayenne but the 996/ 997 are also concerned to a certain extend.
    On the plus side, he confirmed what you guys have written about a lot, he drove the 997 several times for test drives, and although 35 hp more it not much, he said the chassis is dramatically better.
    The car feels much more "planted" if that makes any sense, where the 996 would wobble a bit when pushed to the limit.
    The dealership also services two Carrera GT and he said it's just incredible, beyond this world!

    Re: Electronics problems

    From you posts I hear someone is tempted for an upgrade to a 997S .

    Re: Electronics problems

    You bet my friend!
    But driving my 996 over the weekend was also great so I'm still on the same decision, wait for the facelift or the highly rumored 380 hp powerkit for the 997S.
    Won't come cheap, that's for sure, but you will basically have a GT3 with all the toys that make the 997 a great GT.
    In one word, the perfect car.

    Re: Electronics problems

    Hey Fanch!!!...if you can permit changing your 996cab to a 997S, do it...ITS A MAJOR STEP!!!!, we had a 996cab04"(in dark blue), before having the 997S...Now the 997S is in a totallly different league, even more if you have on your 996 tiptronic s.

    Have a nice time with your 996cab!!!, and be aware who parks beside your 911 ...that guy of the lexus "jealous"may be???

    Re: Electronics problems

    No, don't think he's jaleous, that's just the way Parisians park, sad but true, you just gotta be aware of it, it would never happened in the UK where I now live, different culture I guess, never mind...
    Thanks for the advice on the 997S, I really like that car, but right now, I do not drive enough to justify a new car all together.
    Plus my 996 although inferior is still hugely enjoyable and I have a manual, I prefer it by far.
    320 hp, Sport suspensions M030, sport exhaust, not super sharp because it's a cab but still a wonderful sports car.
    I will wait a carrer change, hopefully towards London or back to France to then invest in a new car, by then, I think the 997 Mk2 will be out, or maybe the Turbo;) but with new speeding laws in France, it wouldn't make sense:(
    That's what I love about the 997S 20mm chassis, you can enjoy it on the open roads but even more on the track with it's 2WD layout, so either that or another cab, we'll see.



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