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    Re: Why is it that Porsche doesn't take part in F1??

    What we are NOT seeing is a all out assault on motor racing by Porsche that would create the attitudes and conditions within the company to bring out the best in their engineers.

    They used to have in development cars for 5 different classes! Now its just the GT3 that is only a winner in
    its own Carrera Cup races and the RS Spyder wich uses old technology and loses to a barely developed Audi Diesel!

    I dont see the company's vision or genuine enthusiasm for racing that will lead to any triumphs.

    I really agree with this. If you look back at the 60's, 70's, 80's, Porsche was built on cutting edge, experimental type race cars. Now I see nothing that is at all comparable to what they have done in the past.

    Re: Why is it that Porsche doesn't take part in F1??

    Porsche was not built on "experimental type race cars." Porsche's foundation has always been sports cars. Some of these cars have been innovative, but most of them have been successful because of their durability and build quality.
    Porsche has always raced to sell cars vs. Ferrari who has sold cars so it can race (at least that was the stated difference pre-1980).
    Porsche success in racing has been based on development of good cars (550 to RSK), (1960's F2 racer to F1 racer), (904, carrera 6, 910, 917, 908-3, etc.). The use of turbo technology and the "double clutch" transmission of the 1980's were innovative in their use, but they were also developments of previous used/tried technologies. Look at the 911 racing family (1970's 911, 911RSR, 911 turbo, 935, etc). It is a story of development and application of proven technology. The current RS spyder is a P2 car that was designed to be sold to non-factory teams. You can't build both the fastest car possible and a car that is affordable for the average private team. Look at AUDI, they don't let anybody start their cars unless factory race personnel are present. Sport prototype racing would have been a lot better off the past five years if AUDI had built a car they could/would sell to private teams. Look at the RS spyder. It is quick, but Porsche didn't spend half a billion dollars developing it. If they has spend that much money on the spyder, there would only be two spyders on the track each year. The 956/962 was such a great car because it could be bought and raced (and developed) by a private team.

    Re: Why is it that Porsche doesn't take part in F1??

    I prefer Porsche to stick to sports car racing. The best 911 street cars have arguably been the ones that have direct links to 911 race cars. Besides this, sports car racing seems to have a relevance that F1 lacks simply because the cars have to be homolgated.

    Re: Why is it that Porsche doesn't take part in F1??

    Brad23 I am going to have to disagree with you there.

    Re: Why is it that Porsche doesn't take part in F1??

    Very interesting argument from all sides, however, I don't think the remarks about your average joe who wouldn't know if Porsche were racing were very fair.

    Not everybody gives a crap! I know a lot of people with the means who would never buy a Ferrari or Porsche for that matter - doesn't mean their stupid.

    Personally, I think it would be great if Porsche would invest in F1 HOWEVER, I think it would be better for Ferrari to make cars that are as reliable as Porsche. I think you just can't rate a brand by the number of races its won. Sorry - my feelings only. Imagine if Skoda starting winning F1 - can't see myself buying one even if does go fast!

    I have the means to buy a Ferrari but I don't think I would drive it everyday if I did in fact buy one - incidentally I love Ferrari's but if I am honest, it is partly the image and the way they look more than the fact they have won numerous F1 races. A buddy who works for Ferrari said, if you want a Ferrari get a 575. Don't rely too much on getting to see your dying mother in hospital in her last moments 1,000 miles away in time on a rainy day in a Ferrari - or at least don't use anything made prior to the 360! Use your Ferrari to take your girlfriend out - impressive her with the Tubi!

    The 430 is much better according to him, but he hasn't seen one with more than 20,000 miles on it yet!

    He added don't expect a 430 to last a lifetime if you stop and start 20 times a day, do 1,500 miles a month - not unless you are happy to write checks out left right and center.

    I think it would be real fun to have a real world race. start in LA and end up in NYC the drive back - minimum 10,000 miles or something.

    Nick maybe you would want to use your beautiful Ferrari, I don't mind flying over and buying a Porcshe for the event maybe Carrera or something. Howabout we have a minimum of 20 stop starts a day, we must sit in traffic etc, must take the regular roads, some dodgy back roads and of course the highways.

    How about we get sponsors for the event - maybe it could be a rennteam event - everyone raises their own sponsors who will donate to a worthy cause, every mile to raise X amount of money. Would be great fun. I am sure the Ferrari will survive but not sure what will go wrong on the way....either way it would be great fun.

    We could do reports en route and really see how each car holds up to serious daily abuse. To me that would be better than any F1 race : )

    Re: Why is it that Porsche doesn't take part in F1??

    Porky, great idea. In fact, every year, the Gumball 3000 rally takes place which tests a lot of cars in a 6 day driving tour.

    Havn't heard of the Ferraris not surviving them. As expected though, more Porsches in it than any other car!

    Re: Why is it that Porsche doesn't take part in F1??

    The boss from last company entered it several times, one year he used his F50 - think he caught doing 210 mph or something!



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