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    US tiptronic standard. Europe Tiptronic is an option.WHY?

    I really do not like that we have to pay the Tiptronic in Europe for the CayenneS
    In the US the Tiptronic is standard on the CayenneS
    The basic prices in the US and in Europe are about the same for the CayenneS
    And they have to ship them to US

    Re: US tiptronic standard. Europe Tiptronic is an option.WHY?

    The Bose audio system is also standard in the US version. One European price list I have shows the Bose on the S as a 1070 Euro option and the Tiptronic as 2220 Euro. Privacy glass is also standard in the US and 260 in Europe. I just checked the exchange rate and one USD equaled .992 Euro. The base in the US is $55,900. What was the base where you ordered your S?

    I have been comparing option prices since you brought up the pricing issue and there are big differences in the USD/Euro option prices I am comparing. Air Suspension is 3200 USD/2490 Euro, PCM 2730 USD/2180 Euro, Off Road Design 3100 USD/1985 Euro. Is my European price guide correct?

    Re: US tiptronic standard. Europe Tiptronic is an option.WHY?

    car prices and standard options vary between countries and can't be compared 1:1... e.g. porsches are a little bit cheaper in the US than in europe, ferraris are a lot more expensive. it even depends on the currency exchanges rates of course. and look at the poor brits... they have to pay GBP 56,000 for a carrera -- which is approx. EUR 87,000. and the price in germany is EUR 74,000.

    Re: US tiptronic standard. Europe Tiptronic is an option.WHY?

    Dutch Prices

    Turbo 87769 EURO
    Cayenne S 52936 euro
    Air Suspension 2656 EURO US 3200 USD
    PCM 2326 EURO US 2730 USD
    Off Road Design 2118 EURO US 3100 USD
    Tiptronic for S 2368 EURO
    Pricing EX Tax
    This is going to be confusing

    Re: US tiptronic standard. Europe Tiptronic is an option.WHY?

    Confusing, yes! But, the Dutch/US pricing is not that much different. A Dutch Cayenne S configured like a US base w/ automatic, Bose and privacy glass is about 56600 Euro. Not too far from 55900 USD.

    So, about the automatic, I doubt they would sell many manuals in the US market. Especially on an SUV, the automatic would be expected. I was surprised when we ordered our X-5 that the automatic was optional. It's my impression that Europe does not have that degree of acceptance of automatics, possibly because of higher fuel prices. Maybe it makes more sense to leave it as an option (a mandatory one for now) in Europe?

    BTW does the Cayenne in this photo have the Off Road Design Package?

    Re: US tiptronic standard. Europe Tiptronic is an option.WHY?

    WHY? Because Porsche wouldn't probably sell many Cayenne S without Tiptronic S in the US.
    BTW: the manual isn't available yet for the Cayenne S but it should be available (in the US too as far as I heard) sometimes next year.

    I have to look up the Cayenne S pricelist and check if the Tiptronic is an option right now because it is actually the ONLY option. It sounds strange to ask the price of an option if the car isn't available without that option. Maybe your dealer is willing to part the cost of the Tiptronic to satisfy you as a customer.

    BTW: around 3 years ago, with a USD at around 0.75 EUR, Porsche cars were much cheaper in the US than in Germany for example. A lot of Germans were pretty upset about that.
    After the USD has grown to 1.10 EUR and more, some Americans were upset that Porsche didn't lower the price tag of their cars because of the low EUR.
    This is the advantage/disadvantage of a exchange rate and you can't do much about it. As far as I heard, Porsche needs a USD/EUR exchange rate at around 0.80 EUR not to loose money. So the better exchange rate actually gives them extra money to compensate with a possible lower exchange rate. Its actually not that simple but I tried to simplify it.

    Don't worry, be happy...there is NOTHING you can do about it.
    Each market has it's own rules. Amen.

    To GM Austin: yes, this is the Offroad Design Package as far as I can tell.

    Re: US tiptronic standard. Europe Tiptronic is an option.WHY?

    In my order guide the Off Road Design Package is described, in part, as having "enhanced powertrain protection with front guard" which I previously envisioned as some type of bumper mounted brush guard. BMW and Mercedes have similar options and they both look ugly as sin. As it turns out, Porsche's "front guard" looks to be a steel front skidplate (a good thing in my mind). I could do without the running boards. If anyone has more details on the technical offroad package I would like to hear/see it. The US orders may be delayed long enough that this would become an option for me.

    And here is an entertaining review from a group that has had some fairly negative comments about the Cayenne in the past:

    Re: US tiptronic standard. Europe Tiptronic is an option.WHY?

    Easy answer.... In the US over 90% of cars sold are equipped with an automatic transmission !!!!

    Even Porsche is selling a lot of (As far as I remember it's around 35-40%) cars with the Tiptronic transmission in the US.

    So no wonder why the Tiptronic is not an option in the US...

    Regarding the pricing difference, it depends only on the competititve situation. The US market is much more competitive than the European one as far as SUVs are concerned. So the Cayenne S is offering a better value in the US than on the other side of the Atlantic.

    You also have to bear in mind that how cars are equipped is the result of bitter discussions between Porsche AG and Porsche North America.



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