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    Re: June 2006...First Deliveries to Customers in Germany and

    Carlos from Spain said:
    as long as you don't change my name to "Torquemada from Spain" too

    Carlos1492 would be more like it

    Re: June 2006...First Deliveries to Customers in Germany and

    RC said:
    nberry said:
    My conclusion regarding the fairness of the test are predicated on the same logic you and many others used in questioning the credibility of the Z06 run.

    Nick, the problem here is: Sport Auto hasn't done a Z06 review yet. The only thing I and others are doubting are those magazine number claims which are actually based on factory claims and unconfirmed (by an independent source) test figures.

    In my past 41 years, I learned that nothing in life comes for free, not even death. So the question is: how did GM manage to put a car like the Z06 on the market at such an attractive price tag with that kind of performance? Well, the answer isn't that easy. Where is the catch? Durability? Reliability? Crash Safety? Limited Availability/Production Numbers (homologation)? Sorry Nick but as long as I don't see some trustable test figures, I doubt that GM found the holy grail.

    Rc I have been away in court but I see comrade Jim has done an excellent job in keeping the Z06 naysayer's under control. Good job Jim!

    What most of you are missing is GM and their sport auto dept decided to build a car that would perform well on the Ring. That they have done at a very attractive price. But what really blows Porsche's away in all of this is GM ENCOURAGES THE OWNER TO TRACK THE CAR AND EXTENDS THE WARRANTY FOR TRACK WORK.

    Try that with your Porsche. Mike, your CGT is a car designed for the track. Is Porsche extending their warranty while you are tracking your car?

    With regard to Van Saurma, if I was GM I would not let him near the Z06. No doubt he knows how to drive a Porsche (either he was a factory driver or he professionally competed in Porsches) but when it comes to a front engine monster like the Z06 he is totally out of his element. He would not be comfortable in the car and in no way can he achieve optimal performance out of it.

    Finally, Carlos I am surprised you are defending Porsche to the extent you are. They have now downgraded your S with the TT and soon there will be a GT3. You keep sliding down the Porsche performance pole and the Cayman is up against your butt.

    Re: June 2006...First Deliveries to Customers in Germany and


    "June 2006 - First Deliveries to Customers".

    I'm sick of this BS
    I thought we had moderators and admins? I don't see why we have to put up with trolls that have nothing better to do than f*ck up EACH AND EVERY thread here

    Christian (and the rest of the gang), DO something, otherwise this continued BS will drive the members away

    Re: June 2006...First Deliveries to Customers in Germany and

    Nick, you should remember the California court case Porsche lost in 1979. You can search it on Blackstone.

    I can't cite the actual case number/names, but Porsche USA was successfully sued by the estate of a family whose husband died while drunk and speeding in a borrowed 930.

    The plaintiffs alleged that because the car was inherently
    "too fast" that operating it while intoxicated presumed a greater than normal risk than if he had been driving a another brand of car. The court found for the plaintiffs and all appeals failed!

    No wonder that Porsche will not warranty any track event but "driver education/safety." Porsche also has the longest break in mileage period in the automotive industry to provide CYA boiler plate.

    I think that, combined with Porsches changed ownership demographics (read many unskilled geeks in over their heads that grew up with the 55mph speed limit)is the real reason for Porsches lack of warranty coverage for casual amateur track events like autocrossing etc..

    Re: June 2006...First Deliveries to Customers in Germany and

    Jim, the attorney who handled that case is suing Porsche today in San Diego on a similar theory regarding the CGT. His client is the widow of the passenger in Ben's CGT.

    I have not joined in the suit least for now.



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