Hello All,

Has anyone had experience of these on a 997? A local dealer (tech) in Winnipeg, where -30C is not unheard of, says that some guys have had engine problems (valves) due to these filters gulping too much cold air ----- they suggest only using in the non-winter months.Sskatoon also can have such cold days, but I never drive it below -16C or so. Anyone in northern US/Canada or the cold parts of Europe had any such problems?

I had a K&N in my NSX 1996 for 7 years and had no issues.

We have just put on the Fabspeed sports muffler, and it is VERY nice. Pleasant bright 'zwingg' sound in the mid and high range, without any boom/resonance at all. I never did like the sound of the OEM. It is cheaper than the PSE, and looks very good as well.

Cheers KiwiCanuck