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    TechArt 22" Wheels

    Has anyone fitted the TechArt 22" wheels to his cayenne? If so is there any problems?

    Re: TechArt 22" Wheels

    Here is a photo of Kevin's TechArt 22's. I haven't heard of him complaining.

    Re: TechArt 22" Wheels

    No problems so far.. Easy to clean too!!
    Thanks for posting the pic GM

    Re: TechArt 22" Wheels

    What is the ride quality like versus an 18-20" wheel/tire? Do you fear hitting a bad spot on the road and damaging the wheel since there is so little sidewall on the tire?

    Also, if you don't mind... where did you purchase the wheels?


    Re: TechArt 22" Wheels

    Interestingly enough I put on a set of 19" last month and my 22" went on a Cayenne S with steel suspension. To my surprise there was very little difference in the ride quality. I have Air suspension on mine and couldn't even feel a change.
    Not to many potholes here in Cali, and im not really concerned about potholes. Of course if I do see one I always avoid it, but I do that in all of my cars. The wheels came from Matt Mesler at Meredian Automotive.. 888-245-2900.. tell him I sent you.. you'll get a better price

    Re: TechArt 22" Wheels

    wow you make me feel better!! hopefully mine won't be that harsh!! anyway Kevin, I love your porsche caps on the techart looks pretty good, simple, classic ++++

    Re: TechArt 22" Wheels

    The weels look great...

    Here's a stupid question...How you got the porsche logo on the center of the weel??

    You put it there or techart also sells their weels with porsche logo???

    Re: TechArt 22" Wheels

    Thanks Deetz,

    Paul, Techarts centers are the same size as the OEM Porsche Cap, the caps I have are made by They are called no turn center caps, meaning as the wheel spins down the road, the center cap does not spin, so there for the Porsche crest stays in one position.. If you didn't want the no turns you can also buy just regular Porsche caps from boothedesign they are about half the cost.

    Re: TechArt 22" Wheels

    np you are my master, you were the first person I talked to regarding everything I know now

    do you think Ralph can make the charcoal color like the one on HREs? I am thinking either the normal silver or charcoal paint, and I want the no turn Porsche caps with silver crest.

    Also I feel so bad if I get the wheels, its 7k roughly and its so expensive with 7k I can get Techart exhaust and 22" Techart wheels

    thats including balancing, mounting, tires, and discount

    Re: TechArt 22" Wheels

    lol to funny Deetz, I had my wheel guy paint the center caps to match the Techarts, Ralph isn't really capable of doing that only because the painter needs the rim or car to match whatever color you want. As far as that black charcoal finish he may have a match for that already.

    Re: TechArt 22" Wheels

    Yo Kev, the charcoal paint is different from anodized black, I used to love the anodized black but I am sure that I can get bored of it anytime soon so i switch to either silver or the charcoal paint, I guess I am getting the silver one though its pretty common.

    I spoke to Arling and he will help me with everything, so when the wheels are shipped, the no-turn Porsche caps will be painted to match the HRE silver paint, proably by sending them directly to HRE and ask them to paint them to match it.

    thanks alot for the input Ralph is a great guy and his stuff is cool



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