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    Short production TT MY2003????

    I've read in a forum that MY2003 996TT is short production end January 2003....true or pure speculation???

    My fear is that Porsche make a restyling of Turbo coupè at introduction of Turbo Cabrio in 2003....



    Re: Short production TT MY2003????

    "Short production Jan 2003", what do you mean exactly by that? I'm sure that the 996 Turbo gets some mods before it's lifetime ends but I don't think they'll be radical.

    Every car manufacturer does modifications on their products, most of them usually unvisible to the human eyes.
    If you want to wait for the "latest" version, you'll end up with no car at all.

    2003 is the year of the Cayenne and the Carrera GT.
    And the year of the GT3 and a highly likely 996 Turbo Cab introduction.
    I don't see much chances for a new 996 Turbo design but it can't be excluded that the 996 Turbo gets more power at the end of it's lifespan.

    Take it or leave it, Dario.

    Re: Short production TT MY2003????

    Thanks for reponse Chris...

    No!!i take it sure,but i've read a "rumors" that said MY2003 turbo's are from August to December....and then ??? maybe for the introduction of the Turbo Cabrio a little restyling for the Turbo coupè fear are the air intakes like the one of the turbo cabrio green of the spy pics....
    Sure more HP before end production maybe on a Turbo S....

    Thanks again

    Re: Short production TT MY2003????

    Hey Dario,
    As RC mentioned there are always modifications to cars, that's how manufacturers can sell their products. If you decide to wait there is always something a little bit better coming along and you won't be able to enjoy your Porsche.
    Look at it this way, your car is still much better than the turbo that was built in '97 and has a better sound system than 2001 model, cool ha?

    Re: Short production TT MY2003????

    Dario, relax. The side vents you saw on that test mule are just covers to hide the real ones or to make people think there are side vents.
    These vents were used on all mules at the beginning of 996 Turbo development.

    Personally I see only a few things which might be restyled on a 996 Turbo facelift: front spoiler (especially the lip), interior (gauges), exhaust pipes and MAYBE the retractable rear wing.

    I'll try to get more information about the production shortage you mentioned. Maybe Porsche just wants to introduce the 996 Turbo Cab and they want to make a new production figures planning by then?!

    Re: Short production TT MY2003????

    thanks FRIENDS!!

    Chris...WHAT????a new retractable rear wing????

    no i'm joking.. but i'm a little worried becouse for me, buy a 996 Turbo is a dream that come true and i don't want become a nightmare!!!

    The people in the world that said to me the FIRST porsche news are on this forum and for all little and big info i ask you....for this can seems that i'm a pest,but is only passion for this cars!!!!!

    Thanks again guys and let me know all news!!


    Re: Short production TT MY2003????


    i don't get your point-- feel lucky that you're gonna get a nice TT. why should it become a nightmare? because there will be any upgrade soon? don't be silly, there ARE always new models, facelifts, improvements etc.

    porsche changes their models slightly from MY to MY.
    e.g., the first 996 MY got orange turn signals and cheaper interior quality. for the 2003 MY they changed the PCM system to an 16:9 widescreen thing. there's always SOMETHING. but are all the older cars crap because of any modifications?

    i bought my 996 carrera 11 months before the facelift hit the showrooms. am i worried? no, because it's a nice car and i like it. i knew that the facelift was coming but i needed and wanted the car 1 year earlier.

    now is the time for your TT. why do you even care what there will be in one or two years time? and don't forget that it's very unlikely that there will be an all-new TT before 2005.


    Re: Short production TT MY2003????

    it's the effect of the money that i must spend to take the turbo....

    Guys all what you said is true!! i take my turbo..this week my dealer said the birth date and i enjoy the baby in all,body,power,ecc....and to the restyling!!!


    The Last Timeless Car

    if you are really interested in an exclusive car that will probably NEVER change, here you go:

    cheers; JSS

    Re: The Last Timeless Car




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