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    Re: Exige V6 rumour

     Thanks Gauss 

    Re: Exige V6 rumour


    with Bruno Senna :



    Re: Exige V6 rumour

    Interior shot :


    Looks practically the same as the old one with a new alcantara/carbon trim. 


    Re: Exige V6 rumour

    Re: Exige V6 rumour


    Re: Exige V6 rumour

    Official pricelist for Germany :

    Exige S (V6) : MSRP Exc. VAT €55,378 or Inc. VAT €66860

    Price includes 952 € destination fee.

    Orders can already be placed. Delivery expected for February/March 2012


    Re: Exige V6 rumour

    Pricelist for the UK :

    Exige S (V6) : MSRP Exc. VAT £41,853 or Inc. VAT £49,900



    Re: Exige V6 rumour

    a couple of photos I took at the IAA :





    Tire size have increased from 16/17 to 17/18 and the Exige comes fitted no longer with Yokohamas but with Pirellis


    same cabin as before, but more pleasantly trimmed


    Personally I think the design is very good. It looks much better in real than on the photos. I also think that the price is very interesting. It will hopefully get good reviews by the press.


    Re: Exige V6 rumour

    Although this chassis is 10" longer than the 4cyl Exige, I imagine the cabin height (headroom) is unchanged?


    73 Carrera RS 2.7 Carbon Fiber replica (1,890 lbs).  Former: 73 911S, Two 951S's, 996 C2, 993 C2, 98 Ferrari 550 Maranello

    Re: Exige V6 rumour

    I looks amazing, and like every Lotus its probably incredibly fun to drive.

    Re: Exige V6 rumour

    Wow it looks stunning especially in all black! 3.5L with this weight will be a shit ton of fun


    indeed shifting is ancient technology - so is a fuel burning engine..  I happen to like both :) 

    Re: Exige V6 rumour


    Although this chassis is 10" longer than the 4cyl Exige, I imagine the cabin height (headroom) is unchanged?

    Yes Grant, you are correct. The cabin height is exactly the same.



    Re: Exige V6 rumour

    wowser, that looks amazing!  It's a long time since I had an my elise 111S mk1 but this could tempt me back to Lotus when I'm ready to sell the Aston, probably in about 18mths. Been looking for something to get excited about that cost a lot less than the V12V and this might just be it!

    Re: Exige V6 rumour


    Wow it looks stunning especially in all black! 3.5L with this weight will be a shit ton of fun

    I like it better in white, in black the details that set it apart get lost. 

    Re: Exige V6 rumour


    Although this chassis is 10" longer than the 4cyl Exige, I imagine the cabin height (headroom) is unchanged?

    Yes Grant, you are correct. The cabin height is exactly the same.

    Too bad - my torso is too long for an Exige with helmet...


    73 Carrera RS 2.7 Carbon Fiber replica (1,890 lbs).  Former: 73 911S, Two 951S's, 996 C2, 993 C2, 98 Ferrari 550 Maranello

    Re: Exige V6 rumour

    another nice pic from the side


    Lotus DPM (Dynamic Performance Management) is an addition to the standard car from the entry level Elise 1.6 upwards and will offer stability not only when pressing on but more importantly when conditions change and road surfaces are incompatible with high levels of grip.

        Hydraulic Brake Assist – will detect emergency braking and increase braking if required to ensure maximum possible braking is used if required.
        Electronic Brake Distribution – will enhance stability by limiting rear brake pressures if the ABS is close to being activated when not required.
        Electronic Differential Lock – will ensure that if there is a road situation which leads to a wheel with less grip spinning then braking force is applied to this wheel to allow torque to be sent to the other wheel which means better cornering performance and acceleration on surfaces where one wheel can grip and the other cannot.
        Cornering Brake Control – is there to help when the car is heavily loaded at the front under partial braking and oversteer comes into play. The system will reduce brake pressure on an inside wheel or increase the braking pressure on the outside front wheel before the car becomes out of shape.
        Drag Torque Control – Too fast off the throttle or a snatched downshift can lead to the engine braking the wheels too quickly causing slip or oversteer if cornering. This innovative system will apply partial throttle to ensure stability.
        Anti-Lock Braking – is a common system on cars nowadays to reduce brake pressure if available braking torque is more than conditions allow to ensure that the shortest stopping distance possible is attained under all road conditions.
        Traction Control System – ensures no wheelspin under heavy acceleration.
        Vehicle Dynamic Control – will apply subtle brake pressure at the required wheel when the car becomes unstable.

    This all adds up to a more stable car which can be driven harder when circumstances permit while keeping the car under the drivers control. They also add greatly to the safety of the car when the weather isn’t ideal and hopefully will mean bodyshops don’t see so many cars with requirements for new front clams, an all too common repair to the Elise. Die-hards will be pleased to know that most of the elements of DPM are switchable (apart from specific brake functions).

    The good news is that the Lotus DPM is free, there is no extra cost involved!


    Re: Exige V6 rumour

    This will be a VERY good track car!!! kiss

    I`m hopping positive press reviews...

    Nice pics Gauss wink

    Re: Exige V6 rumour

    I found a copy of the UK price list (

    Re: Exige V6 rumour

    Thanks Adam wink

    have a look at a few posts above, you'll find that this info has already been posted


    Re: Exige V6 rumour

    Too bad there is not a real LSD - doesn't sound like this is even an option...


    73 Carrera RS 2.7 Carbon Fiber replica (1,890 lbs).  Former: 73 911S, Two 951S's, 996 C2, 993 C2, 98 Ferrari 550 Maranello

    Re: Exige V6 rumour

    Lotus Exige S Technical Specifications, Exterior & Interior Specifications, Options


    Vehicle Description

    Technical Specification


    Lotus Exige S


    Mid-mounted, transverse, 3456 cm3, 2GR-FE engine, aluminium lightweight and compact construction, V6 24 valve, water cooled,

    supercharged with double overhead camshafts per cylinder bank,4 valves per cylinder, Dual-Variable Valve Timing – intelligent,

    direct ignition system, electronic throttle control system-intelligent

    Harrop HTV 1320 supercharger assembly (utilising Eaton Twin Vortex Series (TVS) Technology ™)

    Engine management

    Lotus T6e engine control unit

    Compression Ratio


    Bore x Stroke

    94 x 83

    Max Power

    350 PS / 257.5 kW / 345 hp @ 7000 rpm

    Max Torque

    400 Nm / 295 lb ft @ 4500 rpm

    Emissions control

    Three-way catalytic converter.

    Euro V emissions compliant with full On-Board Diagnostics (OBD).


    EA60 6 speed transverse Sports Ratios manual gearbox with open differential


    Fully independent suspension utilizing unequal length wishbones, Bilstein mono-tube gas damper, Eibach coaxial coil spring at each corner and front and rear anti-roll bar.


    Lotus designed lightweight structure of epoxy bonded

    aluminium alloy extrusions with integral steel seat-belt support structure and lightweight steel rear subframe.

    Dynamic Performance Management (DPM)

    Corner Brake Control (CBC)

    Drag Torque Control (DTC)

    Electronic Differential Lock (EDL)

    Traction Control System (TCS)

    Electronic Stability Control (ESC)

    Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)*

    Hydraulic Brake Assist (HBA)*

    Electronic Brake Distribution (EBD)*

    Understeer Recognition


    All apart from * can be completely

    switched off


    DPM with Sports Mode button

    Sport Mode increases the traction slip thresholds and removes understeer recognition, allowing the driver more vehicle control before an intervention is required.




    Solidly mounted mechanical rack and pinion steering box with 2.8 turns lock-to-lock.


    Servo-assisted, track tuned 4-channel Antilock Braking System (ABS)

    AP-Racing four-piston calipers (front and rear)

    Front: 350 mm ventilated and cross drilled cast-iron discs

    Rear: 332 mm ventilated and cross drilled cast-iron discs




    Lightweight alloy wheels






    Pirelli P-Zero Corsa

    205/45 R17

    265/45 R18

    Gear ratios

    1st:                                            3.538

    2nd:                                           1.913

    3rd:                                            1.407

    4th:                                            1.091

    5th:                                            0.9697

    6th:                                            0.8611

    Reverse:                                   3.831

    Final Drive (1st-4th):                3.777

    Final Drive (5th – 6th)              3.238


    Target Performance Figures (Subject to Type Approval and Subject to Change)


    Max. Engine Speed

    6,600 rpm continuous and 6,800 rpm transient

    7,000 rpm continuous and 7,200 rpm transient (Sport Mode)

    0-100 km/h

    ~ 3.8 seconds

    0-160 km/h)

    7.9 seconds

    Maximum speed

    ~274 km/h / ~170 mph

    Fuel tank capacity

    40 litres ( 8.8 gal (UK) )





    2370 mm

    Track – front

    1453 mm

    Track – rear

    1499 mm

    Overall length

    4052 mm

    Overall width (door mirrors excluded)

    1802 mm

    Overall height – midladen (as per unladen with 2x 75 kg occupants)

    1153 mm

    Overhang – front (including splitter)

    880 mm

    Overhang – rear

    802 mm

    Ramp Angle – front

    7.4 degrees

    Ramp Angle – rear

    16.4 degrees

    Ground clearance – midladen (as per unladen with 2x 75 kg occupants)

    130 mm (front); 135 mm (rear)

    Target Vehicle mass – kerb

    1,080 kg

    Drag Coefficient



    Exterior Specification


    Solid paint


    Metallic paint


    Premium paint


    Motorsport paint


    Satin black wheels, cast (17” front and 18” rear)


    Diamond cut wheels, cast (17” front and 18” rear)


    Pirelli P-Zero Corsa tyres

    Front: 205/45 R17 & Rear: 265/45 R18



    Pirelli P-Zero Trofeo tyres

    Front: 205/45 R17 & Rear: 265/45 R18




    Interior Specification


    Lightweight aluminium passenger footrest


    Lightweight aluminium footwell divider


    Driver and passenger airbags


    Black leather steering wheel


    Black leather gear lever gaiter


    Polished aluminium gear knob


    Plain leather sun-visors


    Black carpet mats


    Black seats with Lotus roundel


    Contrast stitching (Premium Pack Sport SuedeTex® required)


    CD/MP3/WMA receiver with 4 speakers


    Immobiliser and remote activated alarm


    Central door locking


    Engine start push button


    Rear parking sensors


    Heated seats


    Face-level air vents


    Air conditioning


    Crossbar and harness mounts



    Option Packs


    Premium Pack

    Choice of leather colour: Ebony Black, Ivory White, Venom Red, Cognac Brown, Imperial Blue, Cocoa Brown, Ash Grey

    Leather centre console

    Fully covered foot well area (carpet + leather)

    Sport/Premium steering wheel in full black leather

    leather sills

    Door panels in leather

    Metal bezel around gear and handbrake gaiter

    Sport/Premium seats in full leather

    Full sound insulating material

    Dark trinket tray

    Face-level air vents covered in leather


    Premium Pack Sport SuedeTex®

    Ebony Black/Slate Grey SuedeTex® interior combination,

    SuedeTex® centre console

    Black floor mats

    Sport/Premium steering wheel with dark grey leather

    Dark grey binnacle top,

    Door panels in carbon effect leather

    Metal bezel around gear and handbrake gaiter

    Sport/Premium seats with carbon effect eather inserts

    Sound insulating material


    Carbon Pack (Premium Pack required)

    Carbon centre console

    Carbon sill covers

    Carbon air conditioning controls

    Carbon air conditioning vents

    Carbon binnacle surround and binnacle top

    Carbon Dynamic Performance Management (DPM) switch panel


    Race Pack

    4 mode Lotus DPM system including launch control

    Exhaust bypass valve override switch

    Optimised suspension to suit the Pirelli P-Zero Trofeo tyre characteristics


    Convenience Pack

    Trinket tray divider

    USB connection

    cup holder



    S = Standard                                                                        N/A = Not Available

    O = Optional                                                                        POA = Price On Application.

    * iPod is a trade mark of Apple Inc registered in USA and other countries.


    Re: Exige V6 rumour

    EXIGE S UPDATE: It just came back from our Hethel test track and we can reveal that during final testing its lap times have been compared to the Mk2 Exige Cup 260.

    The new Exige S is up to 5 seconds a lap faster then the old Exige Cup 260.

    2012 Exige S, Trofeo tyres, Lotus DPM in Race mode: 1 min 32.68 seconds

    Exige cup 260, Yokohama A048: 1 min 37.90 seconds




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