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    Confused while waitting.... !

    I have to wait 4 more months for my 997 TT. While i cant wait more than ONE month. I am starting to get bored of the 997 tt + i took it for test drive, i found it fast like nothing else but i dont feel a SUPER car spirit in it like F430, Gallardo...etc

    what other options do i have if i couldn't wait for my tt? putting in mind same price range and i use my car a lot, not just a weekender

    Would be pleased to have your advises.
    Thanks in Advance

    Re: Confused while waitting.... !

    Stay with a Turbo, but then PSE and powerkit when it comes out. Price should still be below that of F430 etc but at least youre ears will ache a bit then . And you'll be able to make Carrera GT owners blush

    Still your choice though. If the Turbo doesnt make you smile, go for the Ferrari, although I'd rather run naked down a road than drive one

    Re: Confused while waitting.... !

    My advice is if the turbo does not appeal to you anymore you might want to switch.

    However, like you mentioned if you want a car in the same price range that you want to be able to drive often with same performance, reliability, and a daily driver you better start to look right away...

    I do understand your concerns as some reviewers critize the car. However I felt much more positive feedback than negative ones.

    You need to realize what are your needs, what brand, seats in the backs, flashy or more discreet, but more importantly what your HEART says because buying a sports car is not like buying a "baguette"; you have to keep in mind that buying a 100K car is pretty insane, if it is insane it has to be a PASSIONATE buy, therefore, you must SATISFY your PASSION (unless like nick you want to satisfy you huge EGO ), otherwise you'll end up in sevral months asking yourself the "what if" question.

    Personally, I want a P. car over all others sports car available, this is very helpful to narrow down choices.
    Then I want seats in the back very helpful again.
    Then I want torque helpful again, etc... You get probably my point as why I have chosen a 997TT.

    I can also add my point of vue: the 997TT is still the king for me, as it is the fastest, safest, cleanest, "torquiest",stealthiest, most reliable, all weather, most confortable 4 seater daily sports car, on a A to B travel. And the turbo does in style with more wait and less horsepower for me it is simply a enormous achievement:!

    If it is not enough I can add that it is very fast machine on the track, put the N rated tires and you might end up in front of every one the track! You want a beast and you know what you are doing take off all aids and you'll have some great fun as you will drive almost a rear wheel drive machine!

    Oh yes, some like me felt un-impressed by the exhaust sound: one aftermarket exhaust is all ready out! More to come.

    Not enough HP I can guaranty you that porsche or tuners will be glad to help you with that as little as in 6 months max 1y.
    Long live to the king!

    Re: Confused while waitting.... !

    If you are looking for a supercar and planning to use it a lot specially in the sweltering heat/dust of the midddle east you'll have no choice but to go with Porsche.

    Re: Confused while waitting.... !

    ha said:
    If you are looking for a supercar and planning to use it a lot specially in the sweltering heat/dust of the midddle east you'll have no choice but to go with Porsche.

    What he said.

    Re: Confused while waitting.... !

    OuTLaW_Rules said:
    but i dont feel a SUPER car spirit in it like F430, Gallardo...etc

    How about a Gallardo? Driven one already? If not try a '06 model and you will be thrilled by the visceral, involving but 'clean' driving characteristics of the machine

    Re: Confused while waitting.... !

    Thanx a lot guyz for ur response, i appreciate it
    i am kind of convinsed back to a Porsche for the resones mentioned like helpful back seat, daily use, all weather conditions driving specialy in dubai "BTW its 47c out there now lol". my problem is that i have to WAIT.

    regarding a Gallardo, no i didnt drive one yet, i did drive a murcielago 06 and it deserves every penny spent on it. i'll try a Gallardo to see how it feels.

    I'll put more pressure on my dealer to get me one sooner before changing my mind again

    Re: Confused while waitting.... !

    What the guys said above is very accurate. Don't forget that the 997 air-condition is excellent for a sports car. I doubt that the other a/c systems are as good as Porsche's.

    Re: Confused while waitting.... !

    beautifully said Polo. Your post should be copied, framed and hung on the walls of all true believers in the magnificent 977tt. The King of Porsches

    Re: Confused while waitting.... !

    Oxonian said:
    Don't forget that the 997 air-condition is excellent for a sports car. I doubt that the other a/c systems are as good as Porsche's.

    As the Gallardo is now effectively an Audi, I think the A/c will cope fine with the heat.

    As for the Ferrari, well, the Italians don't make much that lasts.


    Re: Confused while waitting.... !

    Since you own two rather comfortable cars, the SL and A8 I don't understand why you don't go all the way and sign a deal for a GT3.

    Re: Confused while waitting.... !

    I've got you tied on the 47 degrees Celsius.

    Re: Confused while waitting.... !

    Ouch! 118F....that's gonna leave a mark!

    Re: Confused while waitting.... !

    Dude it is 98 in seattle and I am going to pass out. Too hot

    Re: Confused while waitting.... !

    The 37 c is sometimes the minimum degree "which is cool" here in Dubai during July lol

    Guyz I am Melting like an ice cream :S Thanks god someone invented A/C

    luwalira >>> regarding the SL55, it will be sold when i get my tt



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