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I am currently looking at buying a 2004 Cayenne turbo. In speaking with a number of people there seems to be a number of quality issues surrounding the electrical system in both the turbo and S models.

What have you seen, and does it look like there has been an improvment in the '04 models vs. the '03?

There were very limited number of 03's available. So most of the issues were with the 03 and 04 models. We have been updating some of the alarm control units and are putting in different part numbers than the ones that we are pulling out of cars that are built 3 months ago. Porsche has been working day and night to eliminate a lot of the problems that the Cayenne had at first and they seem to have a good handle on it. I would get something that just came in off of the truck. You can check when the vehicle was built by the vin sticker on the drivers door that has a built date on it. Don't trust the salesman...........Peter Smith - PCA WebSite - 4/14/2004