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    Porsche - India crisis

    Dear All,

    PAG considers India to be an important upcoming market (BRIC nation, emerging economy, growing upper middle class with increasing dispensable income etc etc). India attracts a import duty of 108%, which is the norm in this part of the world, I think Singapore & Thailand have up to 200% if i'm not mistaken.

    I have always wanted to own a P car (since I was a kid) but there was no dealership so I stuck to the next best thing, BMW (to me anyway) and have a 2001 X5 (workhorse) & a 2004 545i w SMG (evening & weekend, its only got 18,000 km on it).

    So here's the thing: PAG opened a showroom in Delhi a few years ago in collaboration with a local distributor, Precision Motors. They were selling the Cayennes (which I never liked) and a few 997s which frankly didnt do it for me either. Then came the Panamera (which I hated to begin with, but love really grows on you) and the 991 which I have not seen in person but it ticks all my boxes. I have 2 small kids so Pana is obviously the way to go from a practical perspective. The new Cayenne is nice, but not special enough.

    Just when I thought I had saved up enough to push the button, I hear about the facelift. To top it off, I heard that Precision has taken PAG to court

    So I think until this plays out (which takes its own sweet time in our country) I have to postpone my P dreams for the time being. The upside is that whenever I do get my car, it will be the sweetest feeling. Just thought I'd share this, thanks for the meantime, I'll continue to lurk & feed my passion through my daily visit to Rennteam


    Re: Porsche - India crisis

    As a former resident of New Delhi (I lived there between 1998 and 2004), this post strikes a special chord for me. I remember how rare luxury cars were at that point; right around 2003 or early 2004, Bentley opened a dealership at the base of the Ashok Hotel in Chanakyapuri and it attracted a lot of attention since Bentley was one of the first/most prominent top-end marques to bring its business to the city. I haven't been to India since I left in 2004 but I've been keeping up with how the country's boomed into the next-best-thing to China.

    I read about the scuffle between Precision Motors and Porsche and how VW stepped in and will now be the sole importer of Porsche vehicles to the country [correct me if I'm wrong]. I hope it gets resolved in a timely manner, but knowing the bureaucracy of India's judicial systems it could take a long time indeed. Still, be positive in the face of this! What harm could this legal battle do to you if you wished to purchase a car now?

    Oh - I know what you mean about experiencing the sweetest feeling when you finally take delivery of your Porsche. After being on the line for years as to which one I wanted, I finally ordered a Cayenne S that I took delivery of in July and it's been love love love ever since. My heart still aches for a Panamera though, and I hope you're able to pull the trigger on one sooner than later.


    Re: Porsche - India crisis

    Sorry to hear that, Upsa.

    I wouldn't worry though: I actually think that the VW Group wants to establish their own dealerships in India and for the larger cities like Delhi, Mumbai or Bangalore, it would make sense and it would really benefit the customers. This way, Porsche would maintain their quality standards in India. I could be wrong but for a start, this would be the way I'd go in India.

    Speaking of the Panamera: Yes, it grows on you. However, for India, I would probably choose the Cayenne and especially the GTS (the Turbo may have issues with lower quality fuel, just saying...).

    The 991 is a very nice Porsche but not really suited if you have kids. I had to learn this the hard way with my former 997 Carrera GTS Cab, which I returned to Porsche Financial after only one year, switching to a Panamera Turbo S, especially because of the kids. In a very limited way, I actually regret it not to have gone for the Cayenne Turbo Powerkit but I really love my Panamera, so I just should move on. Smiley The luggage room on the Panamera however is very limited, this should be very clear to you before you choose this model.

    Maybe you should re-think your decision. Porsche will be around in India, especially in the larger populated areas, so I doubt that any legal battle would affect customers directly.


    RC (Germany) - Rennteam Editor Porsche Panamera Turbo S, BMW X5M, Mercedes C63 AMG Coupe PP/DP, Mini Cooper S Countryman All4

    Re: Porsche - India crisis

    Thank you very much for your replies, and this gives me fodder for thought - 

    Rules: the Precision dealership is located in the Ashoka property in the erstwhile Bentley space, so at best they have a checkered past. Also PAG issued a notice in all the papers that anybody would deal with Precision would do so at their own peril, & I hear many people are pissed off with service quality, enhanced cost of spares, and a lackadaisical attitude in general. So best to stay away until PAG gets their show in order

    RC: while I have always been in love with the 911 (poster on the college dorm wall, scribbling drawings in class etc) its not practical (maybe I will end up with it if I can justify to the family that the 545 is ample for family transport), the Pana is indeed fantastic (albeit a little pricey) and I may just end up replacing my 11 year old X5 with the Cayenne diesel S (a Porsche suv + a beemer is enough for me). Plus you are right, we do have serious issues with roads and fuel to justify the higher end models. Do yearn for either the pana or the 991 though in my heart of hearts. 

    Will let you gents know how PAG progresses in India and what I actually end up with. One thing I can say for certain is that I will have a Porsche sooner rather than later....there's no stopping me now indecision

    Re: Porsche - India crisis

    The Cayenne S Diesel should be a beast. kiss The regular Diesel actually feels very powerful and fast (unfortunately this is just a feel) but it shows that Porsche put the emphasis on driving fun.


    RC (Germany) - Rennteam Editor Porsche Panamera Turbo S, BMW X5M, Mercedes C63 AMG Coupe PP/DP, Mini Cooper S Countryman All4

    Re: Porsche - India crisis

    With the VW/Porsche merger completed, rest assured you will get a dealer near your location soon! I cannot see how the VW Group would leave out such an opportunity. Even if it takes a while for sales to pick up, setting up the infrastructure in these exponentially growing countries is the key to success. Especially since the traditional markets of the western world are still not recovering as wished/hoped for.



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