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    Spare tire (for on & off road)

    Please give me some ideas what some of you have done about a spare tire for off roading (or on roading).
    Mine did not come with the spare (just a can) and I think I need more than AAA when I venture off road.

    Re: Spare tire (for on & off road)

    I waited until the collapsible spare tire became available before I placed my order. The collapsible spare can be added, but you may lose your subwoofer. Is your subwoofer the doughnut or the doughnut hole configuration?

    Re: Spare tire (for on & off road)

    I have the same situation.
    I love the stereo sound. How much will it effect the sound if the sub woofer is removed?

    I have to get a space saver spare as the gel just doesn't work on a decent puncture.

    Re: Spare tire (for on & off road)

    I know many people don't seem to like it but for off-roading or "adventuring", this is the best solution.

    Re: Spare tire (for on & off road)

    I completely agree RC. The problem is the 95% or more of the time you're not off-road. On the pavement this thing is a complete pain in the rear, literally. I have heard from people that have the rear mounted spare and they can't stand them.

    Re: Spare tire (for on & off road)

    Why not just get the full size spare and toss in into the cargo area, when off road.

    A doughnut doesn't seem appropriate.

    A superior solution would be to mount one or more on the roof. Then, it is out of the way, until required. Also, just one spare may not be enough when off roading.

    Plus it looks cool up there.

    Re: Spare tire (for on & off road)

    My friend just bought the turbo with that spare tire, I kinda hated it in the first place but I start loving it, it looks cool but heavy

    Re: Spare tire (for on & off road)

    I have a full size roof rack (basket) and I put the spare up there for off roading (ala Land Rover Discovery).

    Re: Spare tire (for on & off road)

    EuroCarNut said:
    I have a full size roof rack (basket) and I put the spare up there for off roading (ala Land Rover Discovery).

    Here is EuroCarNut with roof mounted spare ..... and a few friends.



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