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    My new Turbo arrived!

    The break-in period is a very hard time


    Some details ...

    Yes, it is polar silver

    I'll post some more pictures as soon as I find out where I left my digital camera. Special thanks to my friend Daniel who made these nice pix with his high-end equipment.

    Re: My new Turbo arrived!

    WOWOWOWOWOWOW CR!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm happy for you!!!!!!!!

    I'm at 100 days to my turbo delivery!!!!


    Congrats!! It's beautiful

    nice car-- you really look like you're in love ;-)

    no txt

    Re: My new Turbo arrived!

    Oh boy, Christian. I had my digital camera with me when we met on Monday, why didn't you tell me that you want pictures?
    BTW: I can confirm that CR's car looks even more beautiful in reality.

    Re: My new Turbo arrived!

    Is this an addition to your Ferrari or you gave up the Italian beast?

    Re: My new Turbo arrived!

    Ron, CR is a lucky bastard.
    The Turbo is an addition to his italian horse.
    Life can be real good to some people.

    Re: My new Turbo arrived!

    Ron, I would never give up my Italian love. And she would never forgive me

    you going to pick me up

    in the airport with your car??

    I can't wait to see your car, remember to break it in before I get here!!!

    Re: you going to pick me up

    Hi William,

    you have a new PM

    Re: Love the vent detail, and speaker grills

    Congrats on your new acquisition, CR. Can you tell me the part number, or the option code for the silver vents like those, and also the silver speaker grills? Is this "Exclusive" dept sutff we can't get in the US? thnx

    Re: Love the vent detail, and speaker grills

    May I answer for CR? The colored vents, speaker grills and even the airbag pins are painted in polar silver! Right, polar silver! Exclusive department took out all this stuff, painted it in polar silver and put it back. I think CR spent a fortune on that but it looks absolutely great. His car is much more beautiful in reality than it shows on the pictures, I guess William (THE William from Texas) saw his car yesterday in Germany and maybe he can tell you more. Oh, not to forget: CR is a pretty good driver too, not to mention that he's also a bit crazy.

    Re: Love the vent detail, and speaker grills

    CR's Turbo

    First off, I had a really good time with CR, except being in the 'co-driver' seat can be exciting and also scary. The perfect PSM driver With CR permission, I would love to post the video of his Ferrari oh.. and also his friend's fastest Diablo in the world.

    RC, so unfortune I am not able to meet you this trip. But next time I am in Germany with my car. I will definelty drive to Munich. I hope everything is well with your family and your little daughter. hope to see you next time.

    As for as CR Turbo. The car is so beautiful in real life, as RC said, the picture can't really tell anything. But it still can't beat the Disesl Audi A4 tho

    Re: Love the vent detail, and speaker grills

    These are exclusive options, it is pretty impressive what they can do to your car, there is no limit in fact, you set them. I went on a tour factory and I enjoyed visiting the exclusive department, you can specify your own leather, I saw blue wood trim on a cabriolet, a guy came from Texas and wanted his own sign on the leather, things like that...
    So I was tempted until I found out not only the price but also the fact that it multiplies by two the delay!!!!!

    Re: GT2 nose = GT2?

    Couldn't see it from CR's earlier partial exterior pic. Nice, very, very nice. William, post those videos!

    Re: GT2 nose = GT2?

    Special friends get special options.

    Re: GT2 nose = GT2?

    Can you get a turbo fitted with a GT2 nose on delivery?
    If not, it must possible to get one just by ordering it spare part and then have your dealer fit it for you I suppose.

    Re: GT2 nose = GT2?

    In Italy not....i asked to my dealer,but Porsche Italia said no like a factory option.....only aftermarket!


    Re: GT2 nose = GT2?

    Well, shame...
    By the way Dario, I was Curious,
    How do people in Italy view Porsches?
    I mean compared to Ferrari, Lambo, Edonis, Zonda, Italy is the fatherland of supercars and I was just wondering.
    Do you get thumbs up on the roads or jalous looks, etc.
    Do Ferrari owners try to race you?
    In France, unfortunately, it is not popular to be rich, park your 911 on the street and you might well find it the next day without mirrors, less and less though in Paris, which is good, but most of the people still look at you like you're the biggest wanker in the world!!!

    Re: GT2 nose = GT2?

    In a disaster!!!

    I live in a small city of north Italy near Como,and for the people if you buy a Porsche you are a compromese..

    I'm a young thief....becouse i'm 28 years old..and i've...sorry i'll have in threee months a Porsche ...a Porsche Turbo!! ...

    But...there are also a few people that love sports car and are happy to see Porsche on the street and point out you from their cars....this make me happy

    In '98 i had a 996 C2 and in my town all people..bla bla bla bla...after i'd a Yellow Audi S4 for work,and i sold my 996...and people said i'd sell my Porsche becouse i've no more money....after 6 months i'd buy a Yellow Audi RS4..and people said i'd make a restyling on my S4.. FALSE!!!
    Now after an Year i'm waiting a BEAST and what people in september can say???

    In september i tell you heheh

    In Italy people think Ferrari and Lambo are the beast supercars in the world....Edonis and Zonda are only for experts of car sector no common people...
    Porsche is great but noone think that a 996 Turbo can beat a 360 in performance...

    Ferrari owner in Italy in majority are non racing people....porsche owners are very very racing!!!:)

    PORSCHE IS BETTER....for all cars and drivers!!

    Re: GT2 nose = GT2?

    Thanks for your reply and congratulations on the turbo.
    Hope to see pics when you get it.

    Re: GT2 nose = GT2?

    On delivery directly from production, no. If you're a good friend to Dr. Wiedeking, maybe.
    Retrofitting is no problem at all but have to be done by a dealer who knows what he's doing. I read some funny stories on Funcarsonline about people installing the GT2 front without having the front water coolers repositioned (as it is originally on the GT2) and wondering why the GT2 nose didn't fit perfectly on the 996 Turbo. Risking cooling problems is one of the major things which can happen, not to talk about aerodynamics problems. Ouch.
    BTW: with the GT2 nose, also the GT2 brake cooling system on the wheel carriers can be mounted. This slightly improves brake cooling.

    Re: GT2 nose = GT2?

    thats remind me in my Porsche 12-13 years ago. I heard the same things but after many years the People are tired of speaking;-) (I moved to another city now) ;-)
    I think the smaller the city the worst.


    Re: GT2 nose = GT2?

    When my car wiil arrive i post pics,pics,pics,pics...and again PICS!!


    Re: GT2 nose = GT2?

    I hope so.

    Congrats, looks stunning!

    For William

    William, last night I won against the Audi A4 Avant 2.5 TDi! Of course, the PSM was turned on

    Re: For William



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