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    Porsche RS Spyder set for European LeMans debut

    Porsche is finally set to race the RS Spyder in Europe. Making its debut next season in Europe's Le Mans Series, this LMP2 dominator will be further restricted to help it stay behind the P1 cars. While P1 was intended to be for factory teams with professional drivers, and P2 was envisioned as a class for customer cars and amateur pilots, the Porsche P2 team has been more like a P1 effort in ALMS races.

    In order to keep things closer to the ideal, the Dutch Equipe Verschuur team will only use one professional driver in 2008. Well, at Le Mans they will use two pros, but for the rest of the season they have entered a "gentleman's agreement" to run only one. Additionally, the LMP2 cars, including the Verschuur Porsche, will also have their minimum weight raised by 50kg to 825kg. Similar restrictions in ALMS racing haven't had the desired effect, but this should help them stay off the top step. Or, you know, not.

    [Source: Autoweek]

    hope is not a repost!

    Re: Porsche RS Spyder set for European LeMans debu

    Very sad to see that the ACO is further castrating this fantastic car so that it will be no threat what-so-ever to the Peugeots.

    Re: Porsche RS Spyder set for European LeMans debu

    It shouldn't be a threat in the first place because it is in a different class. Imagine if GT2 cars were outrunning GT1 cars for pace?

    Re: Porsche RS Spyder set for European LeMans debu

    Yes I know all the arguments (we are on the same forum at
    I just happen not to agree with reserving overall wins to one class only.
    Its contrived racing.
    Also - don't have a problem with GT2 out runing GT1. If you can build a car under GT2 rules that outruns a GT1 car then so be it.
    The same applies to P1 and P2.
    Porsche built a P2 that was/is fast enough to beat most P1's (except the oil burners), under the P2 rules, so why castrate it further?

    Re: Porsche RS Spyder set for European LeMans debu

    Spyderidol, what is your member name at

    Sure, it sucks to have a car reigned in after all of its effort was on maximising its potential and too bad for the blokes who are competing in vehicles that shouldn't be losing out but what is the point of running two classes when there is potential of them clashing directly with one another unless there if the ACO brings back the LMP675 and LMP900-style competition?

    Re: Porsche RS Spyder set for European LeMans debu

    I'm RS Spyder at ALMS.
    Yes why not? I have no problems with two classes, but I think that they should reflect two different approaches to obtaining the same goal: Overall Victory!

    Re: Porsche RS Spyder set for European LeMans debu

    BTW Modrocket_Stereo have you been to the 10/Tenths Forum? It's really excellent for racing discussions.

    Re: Porsche RS Spyder set for European LeMans debu

    I am down with two different approaches fighting for overall victory too. If the ACO really forced both Acura and Porsche to LMP1 so that LMP2 could be strictly for privateers that would be a handful against the likes of Audi, Porsche, and Acura in the premium class. Maybe with slight changes in what defines the classes then I could see LMP2 getting the important 'recognition' for overall victories.

    No, never been to 10/Tenths. I'll check it out soon enough, you'll likely see me using my various user names I use.

    Re: Porsche RS Spyder set for European LeMans debu

    The problem is that Porsche are trying to make a business out of racing.
    They want to sell cars to customers.
    The cost of purchasing and running a competitive car in P1 is so huge (due to the rule breaks given to the oil-burners)that very few private teams would be able to afford to purchase the cars.
    Given the above, it is obvious that Porsche's client base is all in P2, so why build a P1 car?

    BTW - I'm Spyderman on 10/tenths

    Re: Porsche RS Spyder set for European LeMans debu

    Fair enough; to sell it they need to race it to prove its not a slouch and to develop it. Good point Spyderidol, good point. What is the estimated price point for the RS Spyder in comparison to the Audi R10?

    Re: Porsche RS Spyder set for European LeMans debu

    The spyder costs about 1.3 million Euros (if i recall correctly) and the Audi's are not for sale so there is no price tag at the moment.
    Apparently the technology for the oil-burner is so complicated that only a "works" team can handle it successfully.



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