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    Re: GT3 Order - last revision of order

    The Groom said:
    You're welcome. IMHO stick with the Alcantara wheel.

    (and I still think the Black full leather interior would look better in a GT3 than Natural Grey. In a Natural Grey interior, the plastic trim pieces are black, which stands out next to the charcoal leather. In the black interior, they blend in. A Natural Grey interior has better leather, but requires a lof of expensive Exclusive options to look perfect.)

    I'm with the Groom here, I'd also save the cash on PCCB's (although lack of brake dust is a BIG attraction!!!) & those porky adaptive seats, but hey this is YOUR car, so get what YOU want, they are awesome cars whatever the final spec .ENJOY

    Re: GT3 Order - last revision of order

    Thanks much. I will forward you last comment to my dealer to see what he says.

    Re: GT3 Order - last revision of order

    Thanks. The electric seats are because of some long legs that make getting comfortable in a Porsche a challenge. The 911 works with the right seat pitch (more adjustable on electric vs. manual seats). BTW, the Boxster and Cayman are impossible for me because of the legs. Otherwise, I might try a Cayman S, which I drove and found to be tons of fun. The PCCB brakes I'm getting, despite some members saying correctly that they cost a lot and are of little benefit on the street, because I know a fellow PCA member who has them on his Turbo S and he tells me they stop smoother and faster and give the steering a lighter feel. I've wanted to try PCCBs for some time, so I'm going to take the plunge. Maybe I'll be wrong. In which case I'll chide myself for spending so much money on the brakes which I'll never get back at resale. Anyway, all the suggestions have been great. Even if I finally didn''t follow them, they made me think seriously about why I didn't, why I went the other way.

    Now I've got to look more deeply into the issue of Natural Grey interior. I like the dark grey carpet more than straight black. But if the dark grey leather is going to look crappy next to the black plastic, well.... Anybody actually seen Natural Leather Grey in a 997 GT3?

    And I'm still checking on the steering wheel. The alcantara looks padded and comfy, but I wonder about its feel and durability and cleaning it, etc. RIght now I have the standard leather sport wheel, 460.

    Thanks again, you guys have been great!!!!!!!!!!!

    Re: GT3 Order - last revision of order

    Here's a picture of atomic80's interior. The speaker grilles, the door finishers, the dashboard side panels, and the trim piece between the PCM and the gear lever are in black plastic. The rest is Natural Grey leather, and indeed it's a bit brighter. In your case, you'd also get the rear console in black plastic. You'd definitely notice if it was not the same color as the rest.

    I was going to mention the lighter carpets as well, but if you prefer them that way. The floor mats will be black, though. They're not available in dark grey.

    Re: GT3 Order - last revision of order

    Thanks for the pic. I take it this is a Carerra rather than a GT3, but the GT3 will actually have more black plastic? Or will more things be covered in alcantara?

    Astonished that floor mats not available in natural grey. I have seen dark grey floor mats on an 04 Carerra with natural grey interior, so I believe they exist, or at least did.


    Re: GT3 Order - last revision of order

    It's a Turbo with the 803 small Carbon package. Atomic80 picked up the XMZ Rear Center Console in Leather option, but otherwise, there's exactly as much plastic as in yours.

    For the record, here are the Alcantara pieces (instead of leather in a Carrera):
    - steering wheel rim
    - seat inlays
    - door handles
    - storage compartment lid
    - gear shifter
    - handbrake

    Black plastic pieces (and option code to get them in leather):
    - rear center console (XMZ)
    - "door finishers" (XTV)
    - door speaker trim (CVT)
    - dashboard vents and speaker (EAA/CNA+CNB)
    - "gear lever trim" (between gear shifter and PCM) (CDZ)
    - instrument surround (XNG)
    - inner sill (XTG)
    - steering wheel casing (XNS)
    - sun visors (XMP)
    - dome lamp cover (XZD)
    - rear view mirror (CVW)
    - side mirror adjustment area, dashboard side panels, ignition rosette (DAA)
    - fuse box cover (CUJ)

    Now you see why I said it took a lot of expensive options to make a natural grey interior look perfect. And not all are available on the GT3.

    Re: GT3 Order - last revision of order

    Groom, you're amazing!!! Thanks for all the facts and details! You back up your advice with evidence.

    Re: GT3 Order - last revision of order

    You're welcome. I freely admit I obsess too much about it. But I belong to the school of thought that believes there's no such thing as too much leather.

    In the case of the GT3, since not all Exclusive leather options are available, and since it doesn't necessarily fit the character of the car anyway, the Black full leather interior is the right choice IMHO.

    Whatever decision you eventually make, you're going to love your GT3 anyway.

    Re: GT3 Order - last revision of order

    Going down to my dealer today to look at the computer images with him of different leather options. It appears that the rear console in leather is a must for natural grey to look right. That's $1,200. Then one could do the speaker covers, door finishers, etc. All of these options could run up to ten grand, believe it or not. Really out of character for this kind of car.

    So I wonder, why bother with the full leather at all (in either grey or black)? You still end up the shifter and nob in alcantara, seat inserts, storage lid, door sides, and much more, as you have pointed out.

    If I skip the full leather, it would leave enough for PCM and sport chrono, both of which I decided again earlier, but could help in resale???

    Re: GT3 Order - suggestions/comments welcome

    that little sport button is worth iss weight in gold. The sound produced is amazing. It should be auto-on (if that's possible get the dealer to program it).

    Re: GT3 Order - last revision of order

    Thing is, the full leather interior does look much better.

    IMHO do get this option, but not Natural Grey. Also get door finishers and sun visors (both pretty cheap options). Anything else is overkill in a GT3. The plastic parts will still look good because they'll be in the same color as the leather.

    I would not take the rear console in leather in your case. It does not look necessarily better than plastic next to the Alcantara parts anyway (it's a must in a Carrera, though).

    If you're worried about resale, the full leather option is a better choice than PCM and Sport Chrono. In fact it trumps any other option in that regard.

    Re: GT3 Order - last revision of order

    The dealer went through the whole interior with me on his computer with a 360 color view. Floor mats, he reassured me, do come in natural grey (not black) when you order natural grey interior. I did opt for console and compartment cover in leather with GT3 logo. The other parts--door finishers, speaker covers, etc.--can be ordered after the fact. It costs a little more, but that way I can see if the black plastic troubles me against the natural grey. Actually, the dark grey leather is almost black anyway and from my experience kind of blends in with the black plastic. I'll try to attach a door image.

    Re: GT3 Order - last revision of order

    Sorry the file is so big. Anyway, it shows that the natural grey leather against the black plastic door parts blends in pretty well. From a distance, it looks like one and the same color. IMO.

    I appreciate your comments. Yes, natural grey might be a waste of money for most people, but since this may be the last Porsche of this magnitude I order and since I want this color interior, I'm going ahead with it. All advice was welcomed nonetheless.

    Re: GT3 Order - last revision of order

    The (fixed) carpets are indeed dark grey. But unless it has changed recently, there are no dark grey (removable) floor mats. I have the 2007 order guide and it does not mention them.

    Regarding retrofitting options, be careful. Regular options can be retrofitted at a later stage,, but Exclusive options are much trickier. In fact you need to find someone who already has the part you want, ask him for his VIN, and then ask your dealer to pretend you are the other guy.
    Since you have ordered an uncommon color and live in a small market, it might turn into a problem.

    Since you did order the rear console and the compartment lid option, I would definitely add option CDZ "Gear Lever Trim in Leather". It really finishes the leather console and ties it together with the PCM side panels. Everyone who's seen it wants it. It costs only $250 but you'll run into trouble if you want to add it later (Exclusive option). Ask atomic80 about it.

    I originally did not mention CDZ since I thought you had kept the storage compartment lid in Alcantara, and passed on the rear console. But since you started converting the rear console to leather, you must finish the job.

    Door finishers can be retrofitted at a later stage (regular option), but speaker covers can't (Exclusive option). Honestly, the speaker covers aren't such a big deal (the color and material difference is justified from a functional point of view), but I think you might want the door finishers.

    Re: GT3 Order - last revision of order

    Thanks for the suggestions about the door finishers and shift lever trim. Neither of these costs much, so it would not be big deal to add them on.

    Yes, natural grey floor mats are not mentioned specficially in the order guide. Neither, to my knowledge, are natural leather brown. But I have definitely seen the dark grey mats in an 04 carerra, and the dealer computer shows the mats in dark grey, not black, when you spec out the natural grey interior. So we'll see.

    Re: GT3 Order - last revision of order


    Since you did order the rear console and the compartment lid option, I would definitely add option CDZ "Gear Lever Trim in Leather". It really finishes the leather console and ties it together with the PCM side panels. Everyone who's seen it wants it. It costs only $250 but you'll run into trouble if you want to add it later (Exclusive option). Ask atomic80 about it.

    It looks like atomic80 did not get door finishers, speaker covers, of shift level finisher in leather? The photo seems to show black plastic in each spot. So would he order them next time around? Thanks.

    Re: GT3 Order - last revision of order

    Atomic80 did not know about the CDZ Gear Lever Trim in Leather. He had to get through all kinds of hoops to get it retrofitted (in fact, I don't know if he eventually got it). So I can venture the guess he really wishes he knew about this option.

    At the risk of repeating myself, CDZ and XTV door finishers are nice and inexpensive. Definitely worth the small expense.

    (By the way, my order guide does have natural brown mats, but not natural grey)

    Re: GT3 Order - last revision of order

    Thanks. I'll sleep on it and maybe call in and add CDZ and XTV tomorrow. CDZ is $251 and XTV is about the same but I lost the figure.

    On the dark grey mats, we'll see what shows up with the car and take it from there. It's really wierd that Porsche does this. You can apparently get the mats, but they are not listed in the order guide. Again, we'll see.

    thanks again.

    Re: GT3 Order - last revision of order

    You're welcome. Grey mats or not, your GT3 will be awesome.

    Re: GT3 Order - last revision of order

    chipper said:
    This was the final revision, dropping PCM and sport chrono. Still not sure about the steering wheel ... not sure if I want leather or alantara. Thanks again.

    Interior P01 Adaptive Sport Seats $2,295
    810 Floor Mats in Interior Color $140
    Exterior Color B4 Carrara White $0
    Interior Color 18 Natural Leather Dark Grey $4,505
    Exterior P74 Bi-Xenon Headlamp Package $1,090
    P12 Self-Dim Mirrors & Rain Sensor $690
    450 Porsche Ceramic Composite Brake $8,840 (PCCB)
    Audio/Communications 490 Sound Package Plus $715
    Interior Leather 460 Leather Sport Steering Wheel $0 ?????? Alcantara, 460, or XPA????

    Alacantra great in a hot climate

    Re: GT3 Order - last revision of order

    You would replace the alcantara on the the gear shift CDZ
    for leather? Its seems the alcantara is a nice touch?

    Re: GT3 Order - last revision of order

    CDZ, despite its name of "Gear Lever Trim", is not the gear lever or the shifter boot. It's the small plastic piece behind the shifter boot next to the PCM. It's not available in Alcantara.

    (By the way, there's another option confusingly named "Gear Lever Trim". It's the black trim below the shifter on the picture. It's available in Volcano Grey (stock in 3.6/GT3), Aluminum-Look (stock in S/TT, option CDF in 3.6), black (option CMJ, shown here), or exterior color (CDJ).)

    Re: GT3 Order - last revision of order

    THe gear shift level trim looks nice. Doesn't it come in interior color? In my case, Natural Grey?

    Same with door finishers?


    Re: GT3 Order - last revision of order

    Sorry, I was confused. I thought you were talking about CDZ, rather than the metal trim around the shift lever boot. Volcano Grey would be fine.

    Re: GT3 Order - last revision of order

    Chipper, we have gone full circle, I originally told you that the natural grey looks virtually the same as the black leather, the reason I did this is to try & save you some money. Yes paying for full leather is worth the money I did, but paying even more for the natural leather doesn't make sense unless you particulalry like the slightly different shade & texture. If you have seen both then fine.

    With regards to the Alcantatra, this is a GT3 you are ordering & the Alcantara, seat centres, door covers/bins/grips, handbrake, gear lever & rear cubby box make it look different to a standard Carrera inside they add to its sporting feel.
    This car is awesome to drive first & foremost, but I wouldn't turn the inside into the same as any other 997, it rather takes away some of its unique character, I love the Alcantara steering wheel etc!

    Below is the standard non-leather plastic on dash/door trims/pillars etc.

    This is how my car looks (without the chrono) in other words the extra full leather interior plus porsche crests!
    Hope that helps you compare!

    Re: GT3 Order - last revision of order

    Pokernut, yours does definitely look better! Glad I'm getting leather too. I'm paying a bit more for the natural grey. May be a fool's errand. Time will tell. Anyway, I do appreciate your feedback and that of other members. Several major changes in my order have come for things I learned here. Exterior color, ditch PCM and sport chrono, etc.

    It's gonna be a while until my car comes, but when it does I'll try to post some pics. Aloha.



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