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    Need Suggestions

    Have any of you guys had experience with Roock performance or Autothority? Just like to hear some opinions.

    Re: Need Suggestions

    Ahh, yep... I'd do a search for Roock on most of the Porsche web boards before I'd spend a penny there. Their rep is not very good. In addition to the owners who got "screwed" (Their words, not mine), I was watching a show on the Discovery Channel about Repo men. One of the Repos was a bunch of cars from Roock...

    I have heard good things about Autothority on older 911's but not much on newer cars. If you want some info on 996's I'd suggest you post on A ton of 996 Turbos with mods live there...


    Re: Need Suggestions

    Thanks for the info I thought someone would know something about the two companies.

    Re: Need Suggestions

    For what it's worth, I have a couple buddies in my VW/Audi group with Autothority ECU modifications. They seem to be very happy with what they got.

    Re: Need Suggestions

    I've used Autothority in the past and have had no problems. It did wonders for the turbo lag in my 86' 944 turbo at that time. Relatively inexpensive and had no long term mechanical problems.

    Re: Need Suggestions

    Back in about 1985 I had my 912 rebuilt by Autothority. They did a fine job. Since they're still going strong 19 years later, I take that as a good sign.

    Good luck

    Re: Need Suggestions

    It depends on what you are looking for. All 996 TT ECU have to have chip melted away from ECU unit then programed and then reapplied. Porsche NA now puts plastic over the welds to show that they have been tampered with or not. Luckily no one checks within the unit itself. The ultimate in quality is ruf (Weissach). They are churning out extremely dependable 585HP now, but they are also the most expensive. If you want stage III or higher I would suggest ImagineAuto first then EVO next. Both are very good with their tuning and great with customer service. Your prices range from 3200 for Stage 1 to 29K for stage IV and up. The power is hard to describe with words. If you want a very inexpensive and now proven Stage 1 that is putting the 996TT's in the 55O HP range I would suggest Upsolute at $500. Like me and the others on we are all putting on performance mufflers, 24K Turbos, ECU upgrade (what I described above), Bailey, or Billet diverter valves, K&N type filters, and short shifters. Then when you have that extreme power the people are then changing suspensions, and most important of them all in mods is the brakes...

    Hope this helps.

    Re: Need Suggestions

    Also forgot to mention that Roock is rarely if at all mentioned anymore within the 6speedonline group. They must have done something wrong with numerous members in the past.

    Re: Need Suggestions

    I wouldn't touch anything this guy does with a ten foot pole.

    I actually went to visit him at road atlanta when he was getting going and evidently he left Germany with quite a mess behind him.

    Also, you have to be careful regarding what it is you get from them. You may very well get a certain amount of horsepower but whether he is changing everything that is necessary for longevity is another matter so do not assume anything that because you are getting horsepower it is useable for your driving style or that you are getting top quality parts either.

    In short there are other tuners out there and I have dealt with a number of them. I have had good experiences with RS tuning, Techart and Gemballa. The experiences that I have had dealt with fairly extensive mods such as engine replacements, suspension upgrades and we had the parts sent and spent the time doing them.

    I would be happy to refer you to someone that did a great job for me. If you want to check out the types of stuff that we did for ourselves you can look (enter into your address bar)

    Hope this gives you a few ideas.

    Re: Need Suggestions

    Don't go near autoauthority either... they ruined my friends 993 turbo.

    You might want to call Manhattan Motorcars (Porsche dealer in Manhattan) and ask for Bobby Singh. He has a great deal of experience fixing tuner mistakes and most probably can make a good suggestion or two. You wil save yourself a lot of headaches.



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