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    Pics from Melbourne Motor Show

    Just some random pics from Melbourne Motor Show today. Enjoy!

    Caparo T1

    Future Chevy Camaro (designed right here in Melbourne)

    Is this pic cute or what? Mum used to have this when I was a todler.

    New livery of the Renault team with ING as a main sponsor

    New Cayenne turbo looks better than the old one IMHO.

    Been seeing the 599 GTB heaps of late! It's a really tall car compared to the traditional Ferrari.

    Paging Mike S, paging Mike S...

    I don't like the matt paint on the Nero.

    The R8 looks much better in real life than in pics. However the interior material is a dissapointment. It uses these weird material not unlike the TT on the door and dash. It looks cheap for a car of this price!

    Maybe I will buy this to replace the Golf GTI?

    Re: Pics from Melbourne Motor Show

    Thanks for the pics. The GTB is such a lovely shape.

    Re: Pics from Melbourne Motor Show

    Thanks for the great pics Way.

    Yes from that angle the GTB looks more attractive than the picture shown of the 640.

    Re: Pics from Melbourne Motor Show

    Thanks for posting

    Will be very interesting to see how the new Camaro will come out when they go from the concept to the production face.

    Re: Pics from Melbourne Motor Show

    Nice pics way! Thanks for posting the pictures!

    All these yellow LP640 pics are driving me nuts! Maybe they needed a press car and I had the only yellow one so they borrowed mine for a week

    The new Cayenne Turbo doesn't look good for me IMO.

    Re: Pics from Melbourne Motor Show

    Thank you for the pictures. I sure hope that the Caparo T1 has a great air conditioning system. With the bubble canopy it will be one hot ride in more than one way.

    Re: Pics from Melbourne Motor Show

    niice pics, the f/l cayenne is definitely an improvement as far as looks go.

    i never even noticed the matt finish on the nero gallardo!

    and daym that GTB looks incredible in that colour combo

    Re: Pics from Melbourne Motor Show

    Of all the cars shown, I give the Fiat 500 the 'most endearing' award. That picture made my day.

    Re: Pics from Melbourne Motor Show

    thx WAY!

    no bucket seats for the Oz spec R8??!!

    even the RS4 has better seats!

    Re: Pics from Melbourne Motor Show

    Derder, you still gonna get an RS4? There is a nice red wagon at the motorshow. That would be my choice of RS4!

    Re: Pics from Melbourne Motor Show

    WAY said:
    Derder, you still gonna get an RS4? There is a nice red wagon at the motorshow. That would be my choice of RS4!

    Just watch out for the clutch - I got one with a dud!



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