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    GT3 (new) Track Test-Finally!

    Nuerburgring Nordschleife:
    New GT3: 7 min. 54 sec.
    Old GT3: 8 min. 03 sec.
    GT2: 7 min. 46 sec.
    996 Turbo: 7 min. 56 sec.
    Same driver, similar road conditions.

    Hockenheim (Kleiner Ring):
    New GT3: 1 min. 13,2 sec.
    Old GT3: 1 min. 14,9 sec.
    GT2: 1 min. 12,6 sec.
    996 Turbo: 1min. 14,6 sec.
    Same driver, similar road conditions.

    It is not quite clear to me if Porsche and Sport Auto "cheated" a little bit with the new GT3 during track testing. Apparently they changed the tires from Michelin to Pirelli during testing because, according to their statement, the Michelin was a little bit too "tricky" on the track. The track time has been achieved using the Pirelli P-Zero Rosso but as far as I know, GT3 customer cars are delivered with Michelin tires. Sound a little bit strange to me, I hope SPORT AUTO will clarify this in one of their next issues.

    Re: GT3 (new) Track Test-Finally!

    I understand your concern about the tires, but the new BMW CSL comes with Michelin Pilot Sport Cups. Even so, it can't break 8 min at the 'Ring. If the GT3 used those, I think the time would drop by at least 10-20 seconds further at the Ring and a few at Hockenheim too.

    Times seem pretty impressive to me

    Re: GT3 (new) Track Test-Finally!

    Do you know who was the new GT3's driver at the Nordschleife?

    Walter Rohrl did the full lap (20,832 Km) in 7,56 with the old one...according to him the new one have to be 7 to 9 seconds faster then the old one!

    So if Sport Auto's driver (I think is Horst Von Saurma...) was the same in both test sounds correct (he did 9 seconds faster with the new one) and Walter Rohrl can make the lap in 7,49/7,47...pretty impressive!!


    One more tire comment...

    RC - I have heard that the new GT3 will be delivered with either the new Pilot Sport or the Pirellis. I think the first cars will all be the Michelins, but then they'll mix them up. As you know, Porsche hates to rely on only one tire manufacturer for a given model. So, it's not really cheating to use the Pirellis, but it does make me wonder about the new Pilot Sport. It was supposedly developed on the GT3 (and the Carrera GT also), so I wonder why it wouldn't be faster on the track? It has certainly received alot of hype, but maybe it's not as good as it should be...

    Re: GT3 (new) Track Test-Finally!

    Does the GT3 come with Pilot Sport Cups or some hybrid tire? I thought the PSC's were the mac daddy of Porsche tires???


    ps. I thought it would be faster at Nuerburgring...

    Re: GT3 (new) Track Test-Finally!

    Max - I think the driver is Horst van Saurna (am I right, RC?)

    Re: GT3 (new) Track Test-Finally!

    I don't think the Michilen's are Pilot Sport Cups but a new version of the Pilot Sport developed for the GT3.

    I also read in one or two of the car magazines that the Pirelli Rosso's will be available.


    Re: GT3 (new) Track Test-Finally!

    Karl - Right, the Michelins are the Pilot Sports (2) for the GT3, but the CSL has Cups.

    Re: GT3 (new) Track Test-Finally!


    Did the Sport Auto article mention if their test car was on PCCB or "standard" brakes? I'm curious if they made any comment on the supposedly revised design and it's impact on their lap times, etc.


    I try to answer a few of the questions.
    I doubt that the GT3 would have been much faster with the new Michelin Pilot Sport (N2) developed especially for the new GT3. Apparently this was the reason why they changed to the Pirellis because with the Michelins, they couldn't achieve the time they achieved. However this is speculation only and maybe SPORT AUTO will give an explenation sooner or later what happened. The explenation in SPORT AUTO is a little bit confusing.
    The driver was Horst v. Saurma, a pretty good driver and a very experienced one too. He's not quite in Walter Roehrl's "league" but he's a very good track driver. But I'd take the Walter Roehrl times in the old GT3 and new GT3 with caution. He works for Porsche as a test driver and consultant, I bet they do a lot of preparation to achieve record lap times. As Walter Roehrl was involved in GT3 development, he probably knows this car much better than any GT3 driver. It can't be even excluded the the current setup serves him and his driving style very well.
    The GT3 test car had the PCCB brake installed (2nd "edition") but SPORT AUTO didn't mention too much about brake performance. However: Porsche still uses the standard brake (no PCCB) on their Cup and Supercup cars, so this is somehow pretty interesting.

    Re: Questions-Answers

    RC - I didn't mean that the GT3 would've been faster with the new Pilot Sports, but with the Pilot Sport Cup tires (street legal track tires) - these are what the new CSL uses (and I use them on my 944Turbo S track car - 4 to 5 secs/lap faster than street tires on a 1:20 lap - tight and slow course)

    Re: Questions-Answers

    RC - I didn't mean that the GT3 would've been faster with the new Pilot Sports, but with the Pilot Sport Cup tires (street legal track tires) - these are what the new CSL uses (and I use them on my 944Turbo S track car - 4 to 5 secs/lap faster than street tires on a 1:20 lap - tight and slow course)

    Sorry, I thought you're referring to the Michelin tires coming with most GT3 customer cars. Yep, sure...Sport Cups or Corsas would improve track time substantially, no doubt about it.



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