I need to spec my GT3 in the next month or so. I am going for a CS but cannot decide which bucket seats to go for. I like the idea of the folding buckets seats, however many have said to me that the fixed buckets are better as they are lower. I am over 6 foot and often find my knees catch the steering on my C2S. i plan on doing a no more than 6 track days a year, the car is a weekend toy, however  my track days will often involve long trips into Europe....

Anyone got any thoughts or experience with both seat types ?

The above as yet to be decided the rest of the spec will be as follows:-

Lift System

Dynamic Engine Mounts


Club Sport

White trim around gear lever

White painted seat belt B pillar trim

White painted washer outlets




Sound System

Cruise Control

PCCB (To be decided, any advice taken !!!)

Leather dash etc (To be decided, quite like the non leather look in Club Sports !!)