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    Re: Do you heel and toe?

    zacharie said:
    W8MM, thanks for your technical explanation of the H&T real function.
    Well, I think I'll have to learn it, like many others of this forum.

    You'll pick it up in no time. Just completely understand the concept and why you're doing it (the mechanics) and then be patient with yourself as you're teaching your muscles. I think frustration is the worst enemy, just remember if you have trouble you're probably not doing anything wrong, you foot just hasn't engrained it yet and needs time. I'm self taught using my own cars and haven't had to get any new clutches or trannys while learning. Now I put much less wear on those components since I can HT and double clutch. GOOD LUCK

    Re: Do you heel and toe?

    Thanks for your cheerful support Yargk!

    Re: Do you heel and toe?

    Thank you Zacharie for asking a super question. Because of you, I am re-evaluated my driving style (never to old to learn--I hope!).

    Re: Do you heel and toe?

    Carlos from Spain said:
    Ando said:
    Ahh yeah, it's coming back to me now, can't wait for spring to get the bikes out! You're so lucky Carlos being able to ride all year round...scratch a pedal for me mate!

    Unfortunately I'm grounded too for most of this winter, we are having a really cold winter this year with 8-12 *C most days and even though mostly sunny, I'm running DOT race tires supercorsas on the gixxer and these will not warm up enough on the street in this weather

    So I guess all we could both do is imitate this guy until spring

    Cool! That is some serious knee down action, and it's not even going to hurt when he drops it!!

    Re: Do you heel and toe?

    Holminator said:
    Thank you Zacharie for asking a super question. Because of you, I am re-evaluated my driving style (never to old to learn--I hope!).

    You're welcome Tony, now we've got some work on the bench...practice safely and be good with your car



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