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    Driving shoes redux <was: Mike's CGT drive report>

    I've been catching up on Mike's cool adventures with his CGT when I ran across the thread drift topic of driving shoes.

    I've got some Piloti low tops that I'm looking to supplement|replace. While they're good, they're not great (I wear 10Ds).

    At PDE, I noted most of the instructors wore ordinary sneakers, except for Chris Hall, who was in mid-cut Pilotis.

    So Mike (and guys), how do you find the Oakleys versus the Pilotis?

    Has anyone tried Tod's shoes? While they're Italian, and priced accordingly, after all, the shoes came up in a thread mentioning five-figure CFRP body panels.

    Here is one of their better-known models, worn by Steve McQueen in BULLITT's famous car chase (there's a new deluxe DVD of that coming out, I hear):

    They've got some newer models that interest me as well:

    Chocolate color lace ups (not so versatile in color matching, but pretty):

    Beige lace ups with nubs (nubs wear fast?):

    Black with nubs:

    Any feedback on the Oakleys vs. Pilotis, and Tod's appreciated.


    Re: Driving shoes redux <was: Mike's CGT drive report>

    this thread comes up every once in awhiel, there is a long one at 6speedonline...

    i find that boat shoes are very comfortable, loafers too. the quality leather makers all have thier own, it comes down to personal preference. tods, hermes, LV, gucci...

    the more hardcore driving shoes really look silly once you step out of the car and into a social situation.

    also good are the yachting shoes from zegna sport.

    of course you can't go wrong iwth anything from Puma's speed cat selection.

    or, flip flops and kick them off inside the car.

    Re: Driving shoes redux <was: Mike's CGT drive report>

    I normally drive with lotusse shoes...I have a pair of them, and some are very confortable

    Well I also drive with my all-star converse

    Re: Driving shoes redux <was: Mike's CGT drive report>

    I still prefer the oakley's I suggested in Mike's original thread to the Pilotis. The Oakley's have a tapering sole which allows more tactile feel to your toes. They also support my wide foot a bit better while remaining as thin as possible. I don't recommend walking around in these or wearing them around for prolonged periods unless you buy the low-top model -- the boots I have are for my suit, and offer that extra ankle support which can be a bit of a pain around town. In other words...unless I am actually racing, I usually just wear these for the occaisonal sunday drive. The low top Oakley's and Pilotis are better for other uses (like walking as well) but I still prefer the Oakley's due to the tapered sole.

    Re: Driving shoes redux <was: Mike's CGT drive report>

    I find the best driving shoes are KSWISS - got two pairs and they are the best shoes I have worn for driving.



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