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    Porsche cayenne TURBO, I have some questions about it....

    Hi i'm kinda new here.... i was on th elist for e55 but changed my mind because i'm in Canada and there's no way to speed here plus winters here sometimes are pretty bad, and wanted to ask owners about their TT cayenne....have few questions...
    Currently driving ml55 and i wish it could be faster heh! and now we need second car in our family and i've been thinking about cayenne TT...

    Is it Permanent wheel drive or FULLtime 4x4?

    DOes it eat ALOT of petrol If ya drive normally not pushinnng it hard?My ml55 is not that bad if not pushed.

    Body roll? is there any? And how it handles the corners as "SUV" My ML55 is really bad in corners lol;)

    i'm pretty sure i forgot smth else....will ask later:)

    give me some cons and pros....Apriciate your help!

    Re: Porsche cayenne TURBO, I have some questions about it....

    I have an S with air suspension so I feel confident in answering your question about handling. There are three suspension settings: comfort, normal and sport. I find the comfort setting corners pretty flat with little body roll; much better than most SUV's. In sport setting it is quite firm and you can corner pretty hard with a good deal of confidence. I am still becoming accustomed to this vehicle but I have pushed it hard enough in a corner to begin to feel some slip and I found it very neutral and controllable. I also played with it a little in the dirt and feel the same way there; very controllable and neutral.

    I don't know about the TT gas consumption but, based on my experience with the S, I can get about 15 to 17 mpg in conservative highway driving.

    The 4WD semantics confuse me sometimes. All four wheels are driven all the time. The center differential can be locked if conditions warrant.

    Re: Porsche cayenne TURBO, I have some questions about it....

    Vladimir, we also own a ML55 AMG as a family car and I can tell you one thing for sure: there is a difference like day and night between the ML55 and the Cayenne Turbo.
    The Cayenne Turbo drives almost like a high power limousine, unbelievable for such a heavy weight SUV.
    Before I bought my E55 (I sold my Porsche 996 Turbo due to family reasons...two kids, no time for fun ), I actually wanted to buy the Cayenne Turbo but my Porsche dealer (actually the salesman) didn't take me too serious that I would switch to Mercedes and therefore he didn't make me a good enough offer for my 996 Turbo. So I went and bought a E55 to have some fun and room for moving the family but my first choice has been the Cayenne Turbo.
    I'm very happy with my E55 but the ML55 started to suck.
    It is still a very fast SUV (faster than the Cayenne least on the straight line *LOL*) but when it comes to corners, I hate the ML55 because it requires a lot of attention and driver sensibility to be very fast.

    If you go for the Cayenne Turbo, you won't regret it.



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