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    Range Rover Sport

    It looks like this model may bec ome a reality. It's not exactly like the 2-door Range Stormer concept vehicle but it does apparently intend to compete with the Cayenne and X5. Here is a story from the Detroit News (web page):

    Ford Motor Co.'s Land Rover unit is about to forge into the growing market of performance sport utility vehicles.

    Next summer, the brand will introduce the 2006 Range Rover Sport, available with a supercharged 4.2-liter V-8 engine that will deliver the highest degree of power -- 390 horses -- ever in a Land Rover model.

    It will compete directly with the popular Porsche Cayenne, BMW X5 4.8is and Mercedes-Benz' ML55 AMG.

    Land Rover's U.S. sales have dropped 19 percent this year, reflecting weaker demand for the Freelander and discontinued Discovery SUV models.

    The Range Rover Sport was engineered to be less frenetic and more refined than existing performance SUVs, while offering fast, long-distance driving, said Matthew Taylor, managing director of Land Rover.

    As more upscale brands such as Porsche and Audi enter the crowded SUV market, analysts say Land Rover needs to differentiate its product lineup.

    "The SUV has become the modern day sports car for many consumers," said George Peterson, president of AutoPacific, a California automotive consulting firm. "It's natural for Land Rover to offer a more powerful SUV."

    Peterson said the Range Rover Sport will bolster Land Rover's appeal in markets such as southern California, New York City and Las Vegas.

    The Range Rover Sport shares the same platform as the new Land Rover LR3 and will become the brand's fifth nameplate. In addition to the supercharged engine, Land Rover will offer a normally aspirated V-8 engine on the Sport.

    It goes on sale next summer and will be priced between the $44,995 LR3 and the $73,085 Range Rover, Land Rover said.

    Land Rover hinted it was prepared to enter the high performance SUV market when it introduced the 2-door Range Stormer concept at the 2004 North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

    Land Rover will build the Range Rover Sport at a plant in Solihull, England.

    Re: Range Rover Sport

    just saw the pic in Autoweek as well. it's a great move for RR & glad to see that. however, recently i test drove the new LR3 & was not impressed with the perforance/handling even though i like the design & packages offered in it. i drove my buddy's Land Rover as well & hated it (from a Cayenne S and soon Turbo's point of view). hopefully RR will do enough hw before they put it out on the market.

    Re: Range Rover Sport

    390 horsepower?!? this a cayenne beater?

    Re: Range Rover Sport

    390 is fine but what's the weight?

    Re: Range Rover Sport

    20C4S said:
    390 is fine but what's the weight?

    Too much! 2.7 tonnes?

    Re: Range Rover Sport

    Still lighter than a cayenne turbo's gross weight

    Re: Range Rover Sport

    Looks almost like my '96 dearly departed 4.0 HSE in shape!!.

    Re: Range Rover Sport

    Here's more...
    Looks to be built on LR3 base with Jaguar engine.

    Land Rover Chronicles

    More pics...

    Re: Range Rover Sport


    Re: Range Rover Sport


    Re: Range Rover Sport

    If it retains the LR3 off-road capability, this could be the first SUV that's really competetive with the Cayenne. My speculation is that it will be competetive, and perhaps better, off-road, but will not really challange the Cayenne on-road. If they can equal the ML of FX on-road, that would be an accomplishment for a Land Rover.

    Re: Range Rover Sport

    THATs an interior

    Re: Range Rover Sport

    4Car has a preview of the Range Rover Sport with lots of pictures. I think it looks pretty good (better than the Cayenne ):
    4Car Ranger Rover Sport

    Re: Range Rover Sport

    Great review. Thanks for the link. Sounds like we will not have any test drives until the Spring. I hope it does well. Here's a photo of the Range Stormer concept vehicle.

    4Car Review

    When I went to the 4Car review, a pop up ad popped up in front of the page ... for the Cayenne!!!

    Gotta love ad guys!




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