Tested the RS6 plus today. Actually, this car is the first sedan which I really enjoyed on twisted country roads! It handles quite like a sports car. Amazing for that weight and car concept.

The engine produces a nice sound, even at higher speeds. However, acceleration 0-200 and above 200 is slower than in the E55 I tested two weeks ago. Acceleration above 250 is very slow.

The automatic shifting fits nicely with the engine. On twisted roads, just switch the shifting system into sports mode. The result is perfect.

Suspension is quite sporty. Fairly limited vertical and horizontal movements. For me, ride is still comfortable enough, although clearly on the sporty side.

The breaks offer a good feed-back and are efficient also under intense use. Steering is a little bit light but precise and with good feed-back.

Major draw-back: I did not manage to achieve a fuel consumption of below 22 l/100km. Clearly, this reflects the weight of the car.