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    Cayman GTS DE driving report Porsche track Leipzig

    I thought it would be of interest to add a track driving report to this section. First, I have to give a humble warning to each and everybody asking for pictures: Sorry, I am not into photography.

    Some of you may remember that, last year, I swapped my base 997 I drove for nearly 10 years into a Cayman GTS pdk. So, Leipzig gave me the first opportunity to explore my new ride and I may say: This car is fantastic!

    I had “Harry’s laptimer” engaged - though I am still struggling to retrieve all the data, therefore I have attached at least the driving speeds which were recorded at the respective GPS locations. I recorded 40 laps driven within 3 stints of 30 min each.

    1435679319110sample lap leipzig.PNG

    The weather was very nice with sunshine and temperatures around 23 / 24°C, 73 / 74 °F. So, excellent conditions I may say.

    I drove the car in manual, with “Sports” engaged and the chassis settings left in “normal”. This means, I changed gears up and down with the lever – up-shifts at around 7.000 rpm and down-shifts to whatever gear is required in the various tight corners (ie. down into 2nd gear most of times). I recorded lap times of between 1:56 min to 2:01 min – If you were to compare these (on paper) with times of a 991GT3, I was around 15 sec. slower on average, which, I think is not that bad. It still takes some time for me to change my driving behavior from a “very slow in” and “very fast out of the corner” 911 approach, though the Cayman feels very light and very easy to drive – again, the rear traction is very much different to a 911, but I can enter corners with a higher speed compared to a 911. I did not engage the “sport” setting for the PASM as I felt that the replies from the car in “normal” just suited me fine and I am more confident to handle the car in and out of curves / bends. I don’t know whether “sport plus” would have given me an extra benefit driving in manual, because “sport” just did the trick for me.

    The engine just revvs up beautifully, the little fellow with its 3.4l capacity is really a fine piece of engineering – I never had the feeling that I could use more power, though, certainly I would not complain to have the GT4 / Spyder / 991s engine in the car, but that is not the point I am trying to make – the whole package just delivers !

    Apart from the driving dynamics, I felt very cozy and comfortable in the cabin as it somehow looks like it were the same size as in my previous 997. The driving position and the like with the sports seats plus was excellent – firm shoulder and back support, much firmer than the ordinary seats I had in my 997 previously. I felt very connected to the car and had the right “butt feeling” to warn me in case I overdid it.

    All-in-all, I think I have chosen the right toy for my DE events … at least, for the time being)…

    Re: Cayman GTS DE driving report Porsche track Leipzig

    Congratulations and thanks for sharing!


    73 Carrera RS 2.7 Carbon Fiber replica (1,890 lbs), 06 EVO9 with track mods. Former: 73 911S, Two 951S's, 996 C2, 993 C2, 98 Ferrari 550



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