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    Change options when in build stage ?

    I am happy with the options i have selected, however based on feedback on this great site, I wanted to remove the rear wiper, and add a padded sports steering wheel. I contacted the OPC and they are saying the car is now in early stages of build therefore too late (est. July delivery). He does not have a chassis number - so it is very early IMO.

    Are they ways of going direct to factory ? I just want to ensure that saying no to me is not just a case of too much effort for the salesperson.

    He did give the me the choice of slipping to a november build which I declined !

    Re: Change options when in build stage ?

    Consider this. The rear wiper on a 911 is actually very useful in snow and heavy rain.

    The 911 was the first production car with a rear wiper
    wiper. For long time 911 owners, a 911 looks incomplete
    without one.

    Its easy to add a thicker, sportier steering wheel, but not so easy to add the rear wiper assembly.

    I would keep it on your order.

    Hope this helps your order problem.

    Re: Change options when in build stage ?

    Here's something to think about.

    In the non-heavy-weather season, just REMOVE the entire wiper and arm!

    Go to Home depot or somewhere and look for a black (silver?) plastic cap that will somehow fit over the stub.

    There's all sorts of odd plastic castings everywhere. Buy a bottle of ketchup just for the plastic cap if you think it will cover the wiper stump. Home depot has lots of odd plastic pieces meant for replacement parts for houshold items like shelves and etc.

    Re: Change options when in build stage ?

    dambox: i think it depends on what you want to change, when i ordered my 997S cab, i wanted to change the interior colour half way. the ppl at porsche told me i could have if i wanted to as the car was still in early production. but i decided to just keep it as it was. but when it regards a rear wiper, maybe it's a different scenario...

    take jumflat6 and mmd's advice rather have it and you can decide to use it or not later

    Re: Change options when in build stage ?

    I will leave as is - I just wanted to see if there were any way to go straight to the factory. Thanks for the advice

    Re: Change options when in build stage ?

    Why not call the sales manager directly and ask the same question? If you really want it changed then tell the SM that you thought that he'd be able to help you out. Tell him that a couple of people on the car boards had them changed at this stage At least you'll hear it from him and can find out if it's BS or not.



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