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    Porsche 996TurboS ?????

    -Chassis GT2
    -Porsche Ceramic Composite Brake
    -Special Rear wing and other adjustments
    -Turbo powerkit

    Re: Porsche 996TurboS ?????

    The wing is part of the Aerokit as I have it on my 02 X50- I beleive ceramic brakes are on option on the Turbo. So this is probably a Turbo w/aerokit & ceramic brake upgrade- no way that I am aware of to know from outward apperance if it is an X50

    Re: Porsche 996TurboS ?????

    Ok Rhia
    How about the GT2 chassis is that possible?

    Re: Porsche 996TurboS ?????

    Ok Rhia
    How about the GT2 chassis is that possible?

    If this car still has the 4WD...definetely NO.
    Maybe the owner has the 30 mm sport suspension for the Turbo, it is an option from Porsche Exclusive Department.
    This option is not identical with the GT2 suspension.

    Harry, a little hint: Porsche owners (as other sports car owners too) love to exaggerate and some of them even lie to make their car (and their ego ) look better.
    You know how many Porsche 996 Turbo owners I met who insisted they got special power kits with more than 500 HP from their "special friends" at the factory or Weissach?
    One of them even had the Cargraphic exhaust and when I asked why Porsche uses a Cargraphic exhaust, this guy had the gutts to tell me that Cargraphic is the manufacturer of the original 996 Turbo exhaust and does all the exhausts for Porsche (which is BS...the manufacturer is Boysen).
    It is sad (and I really can't understand it) why people with money have to lie about such things.

    Re: Porsche 996TurboS ?????

    How can you tell that the car is not 4wd- it looks identical to my X50 except for the rims & ceramic brakes- ride height is about the same as my car & why does it have "Turbo" on the back?

    Re: Porsche 996TurboS ?????

    How can you tell that the car is not 4wd- it looks identical to my X50 except for the rims & ceramic brakes- ride height is about the same as my car & why does it have "Turbo" on the back?

    rhia, my guess is that the owner of the car told dedam that he has the "GT2 chassis" installed on his car (right, Harry?).
    And this is impossible if the car has 4WD, despite the fact that the GT2 is different from the Turbo regarding many things (engine however is practically the same as on X50).

    Re: Porsche 996TurboS ?????

    I think it is a Turbo w/Aerokit & ceramic brake upgrade- as to if it has a "Turbo Powerkit" who could know but the owner or anyway who could pop the truck & check the option codes.

    Re: Porsche 996TurboS ?????

    Ok I agree with you RC
    But the owner off the Turbo(S) showed me the licence papers off the car and it said Turbo/Turbo S
    He knew that I was aware off the fact that the TurboS is not officialy there.
    But the question for me was not of if it was a TurboS or not, the fact was that I love the car and he took me out on the track and i enjoyed it very much.
    After some talking with him I discovered he had 1 Turbo(S) and 1 GT2 and also an Gt3 CS on the track that day
    So I ask him if i could joins him when he took the GT2 on the track
    So later he invited me the take the ride in the GT2
    It was realy great drive in the GT2 and impressif
    I never been so quick in a lap time on the Zandvoort track
    The GT2 was in a very good balance and had a lot off machanical grip.
    The braking balance was also super and he was using intermediet tires. (Pirelli zero rosso)
    After a few laps the tires seem to lose some grip in some medium fast corners
    I was passing GT3"s and Turbo's which I have never done before.
    When I came home that night my wife said to my what happend you look a little bit white on the nose I said ''I DROVE THE PORSCHE GT2""

    Re: Porsche 996TurboS ?????

    The "S" in the car papers indicates the Powerkit (X50), nothing more an nothing less.
    I agree, the GT2 is a fine car in the right hands.



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