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    Some Impressions of a C4 Cabrio

    Feel free to post your favorite Porsche pictures!

    As long as we don't have a picture gallery, feel free to post your favorite pictures on the boards.

    You can post pictures that are located on your website using the [image]-tag, e.g.


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    Let us share our most beautyful snap shots!

    Re: Feel free to post your favorite Porsche pictures!


    There are a few pics (including my 996TT, a GT1, snow-driving course in Finland, etc) here:



    OK Picture 2 shows what appears to be an antenna for the radio on the windshield frame. Is this just ROW? Can I get one of these for my US car? My reception sucks and Becker states that it is the antenna in the Porsche!

    Re: Antenna

    No, this is the antenna for the GSM phone (PCM system with GSM, ROW - Rest Of World, not US). The new ROW cars even don't have any visible antenna for the phone anymore, it is a new type of antenna built in under the front hood. As far as I heard from many US Porsche owners, the reception with the Becker unit sucks. Funny part: when some people exchanged the Becker with a different head unit, the reception improved substantially. A miracle ?

    Re: Antenna

    Is the antenna really under the front hood? I thought it's integrated in the windshield. And the latest issue of Christophorus mention it this way too.


    Re: Antenna

    I was talking about the GSM antenna, pierre.

    Re: Antenna

    oops!... Ok. I thought it was in the windshield too...
    Where is it exactly under the hood?

    Re: Antenna

    Oh god, I'd wish I know the english word for it. You're from Switzerland, do you understand German too ? If yes, it is in "Wasserkastenbereich unter der Windlaufrahmenabdeckung rechts" (vague description: under the front windshield towards the front hood). Sorry I can't translate it. This GSM antenna is compatible to the GSM 900, AMPS (USA) and GSM 1800 standards. Works best with the GSM 900 standard. Please don't confuse it with the GPS antenna at the bottom of the windshield where the "sun sensor" is.

    Re: Antenna

    he he! I love how words can just be put together to build longer ones in german! ;-) (My mother tongue is french, but my german is ok, especially "Schwyzertütsch"!) Thanks for the hint, I'm gonna have a look under the front hood.

    Re: Antenna

    You won't see much I guess. Gruezi.



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