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    Enzo sound vs Carrera GT

    Does anyone have a sound bite of the Enzo.
    I heard some acceleration tests of the GT at rennlist, and it sounds much wicked-er (word?) than the Enzo I heard a few months back.

    If someone has a sound bite of both, Id love to hear both of them back to back.


    Re: Enzo sound vs Carrera GT

    if you go to after registering, which is free, you can download a road test of "Tiff Needell Enzo review" It has some awesome sounds of the Enzo.

    IMO, as much as the F1 sound likeness of the CGT is, nothing apart from the Zonda and Enzo can satisfy a supercar sound.

    They're both unbelievable!

    Re: Enzo sound vs Carrera GT

    The Enzo as standard sounds like a Fiat Uno (ok, maybe I exagerate)
    I was at a Ferrari outting this saturday at the Dijon Prenois track, very nice.
    The Stradale sounds unbelievable, really out of this world.
    There were two Enzos, one yellow and one red (the yellow one belonged to the guy who owns the Stradale too, cool guy! )
    The red Enzo had the standard exhaust, but the Yellow one had a similar system to the PSE, with a switch on the dashboard so that the exhaust can be fully open and my, does it sound brilliant (although IMHO still not as good as the Stradale).
    I've got some pics, I will post them soon.
    In general, the CGT sounds much more like an F1 with a high pitch voice similar to the 355 past 8000 rpm, the Enzo is more metallic, sounds more like a Modena only more sophisticated.
    I had a ride in the Maserati and was a bit disappointed my its very nervous chassis...
    I went there on sat morning with the 996 and the SL following two 355 and an F40LM road version, what a sound track as well. Very impressive on the open road! Jean-Christophe, if you check this forum, congrats on your F40, she is a beauty!

    Re: Enzo sound vs Carrera GT

    When Jeremy Clarkson tested the C-GT a few months back, he stated that it was the best-sounding car he has ever driven (and it is pretty safe to say that if anyone has driven every car in existence it would be him). I tend to agree with him.



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