I know Porsche are still considering their longer term strategy for reaching lower emissions, and the initial part of that strategy is Direct Injection followed by Hybrid engines. Something which they are well into working on in collaboration with VW.

I doubt any supercar will ever make it down below the EU target of 120g/km CO2 without switching to an alternate fuel source or being stripped down to a very light weight shell.

I would say that Porsche will probably make the best strides in this area verses its current competition with the like of Ferrari and Lambo left way behind - given how much CO2 they both produce right now. Plus can you really see people buying a hybrid Ferrari?! Somehow some of that essential Italian 'passion' would be lost!

Porsche have obviously been vocal against the EUs unrealistic targets but I haven't heard anything myself from the other sports car manufacturers.

As such, any know what their strategies will be, or is it a case of them putting their fingers in their collective ears and humming loudly?!!!!!!