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    Interesting sound experience


    I am not fortunate enough to own Porsche/Ferrari/Z06 marvel but I have been reading in this fantastic forum for many months now. Many scoops, friendly, high knowledge and experienced people; Please keep going on !!

    And...In this marvellous world of 500hp+ beasts and verbal "fights" between Porsche/Ferrari/Lambo/Corvette lovers, I thought it would be refreshing for you to read an
    (I hope!) unusual engine sound experience I have at the moment with a... well...a car :

    My daily car which is a company car Golf TDI (don't go away now ! please read the following..), is in maintenance this week. Also because a crazy van reversed violently in my front a few days ago which gives a kind of "modern art" look to it...(or Bangle-ized ? )

    Anyway, they gave me a Citroen C1 for replacement this week.
    Beside the fact that it looks like a cute plastic toy, it has skateboard size wheels, a trunk large enough to carry 2 (at least) bottles of water, and a "thrust" that makes me think that on every uphill, some crazy inboard Gremlins threw out a couple of anchors to prevent me passing this fully loaded 44tons truck on my right ("can't believe it, I'm sure he tuned his engine !!" ).

    The one and only interesting feature of this car is its sound : it has a 3 (yes three) cylinder VVT, 998 cc, 12 valves, 68hp engine ... and ... you will probably think I am under influence of toxic stuff or sounds like a watercooled flat six Porsche...

    Yes, really ! not all the time of course; in facts, this car has no rev meter so I cannot tell you at which rpm it looks like the most to a flat six; I would say between 1500 and 4000 rpm..but having driven for a fews dozen kms 986 BoxsterS, 996 C4 (3.4), 996 GT3 mk1 (and soon a CaymanS), having been passenger of my friend's Boxster 2.5 a few times, having listened so many times mp3 files from Porsche experience website with nice loudspeakers , I guarantee you that this micro 3 cylinder engine sounds like a 996 engine at some revs ! INBOARD of course, and windows closed ...It even has this little whine every Flatsix owner knows...

    Is it the fact that every engine with multiple of 3 cylinders have "similarities" in sounds?
    (flatsix, 180* V12 from Testarossa and, ahem... 3 cylinders) ? did somebody experienced this ?
    I cannot help but smile every time I accelerate...well, in fact in go forward but I don't know if am accelerating ..

    Now the big challenge for me is the following : tonight I will say to my girlfriend :
    "Honey, I have a big surprise for you ! close your eyes and I will bring you down to the garage"... she will play the game (I know her), we will both jump inside the C1 (her eyes still closed), I will fire up the engine very gently, go out of the garage and once in the street, accelerate hard (okay... push hard on the gas pedal suits better), and she will say :

    "Darling ! you bought a Porsche !!"

    "Yes honey, this is the brand new model, the Porsche C1"...

    I just can't wait to test the full stainless steel exhaust model !

    Re: Interesting sound experience

    My girlfriend used to drive a Chevy Spark... When you put your foot down I'd swear it sounded just like a V8... I know it sounds stupid because the Chev Park is in fact not a chev at all...but its just what I thought ...

    Re: Interesting sound experience

    sorry.. Not Chev Park,but Spark

    Re: Interesting sound experience

    then put a tubi on it



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