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    Evo Nurbergring test, Mc12, Enzo, Carrera gt......

    Why nobody did it before? It appears that nobody was ever brave enough to go to Nordschleife for a flying lap in a private million dollar Ferrari Enzo or Maserati MC12. Until now, folks.

    Evo magazine did an awesome shootout - a comparison test of your dreams, involving five of the coolest and fastest cars in the world - Ferrari Enzo, Masserati MC12, Porsche Carrera GT, Pagani Zonda F Clubsport and Koenigsegg CCX. Two of these dinosaurs (Enzo and MC12) were never tested against the clock at the ring before and it appears to me that the initial results are very very good indeed. In fact they are so good that we almost had another new lap record at Nurburgring Nordschleife.

    Maserati MC12 did the second best Nordschleife time ever (7:24.29) losing only to the Viper ACR and several other trackday oddballs. Zonda Clubsport came very close with a laptime of 7:24.65, improving the manufacturer laptime of 7:27 by impressive three seconds. In third place was the king of all Ferraris - Ferrari Enzo with 7:25.

    This test shows us just how much room for improvement there is in Nordschleife lap times. Nissan GT-R has so good results not because it is one of the very fastest cars around but it is one of the easiest to drive close to the limit, without taking too much risk. And it also shows that true oldschool V12 supercars like Ferrari Enzo are not just built for show. They are both - show and go. They can bark and bite.

    I just read this on but idk if its true or not. has anyone else heard anything?

    post writen by TyCosta at

    So Enzo was faster then Carrera gt after all, and ferrari wasnot afrad of Carrera gt, but rather couldnt be bothred

    Re: Evo Nurbergring test, Mc12, Enzo, Carrera gt......

    true true, and you forgot a detail which makes the Enzo's performance even more interesting, it had the worst tires of them all.

    Re: Evo Nurbergring test, Mc12, Enzo, Carrera gt......

    The MC12 IS a "Trackday Oddball" too !!

    Re: Evo Nurbergring test, Mc12, Enzo, Carrera gt......

    I have much more respect for the Enzo, interesting to finally see the ring time.
    Absolutely spanks the CGT, with worse tyres.

    Just a pity we had to wait so long for the good news, Ferrari never found
    the need to prove its dominance in the ring to sell it's cars.

    Can anyone please upload a scan of the article.



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