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    Axle-Differential Lock Rear???

    I know this has been posted before, but I am having a difficult time searching for it. Can anyone explain to me what Axle-Differential Lock Rear is on the TT? Also, what are your thoughts on it? Is it a "MUST HAVE" option?


    Re: Axle-Differential Lock Rear???

    yes is a must have!

    there are two topics with a lot of post that will answer all your questions..

    try with search mode with "LSD"

    Re: Axle-Differential Lock Rear???

    Thanks Darius. Let me see if I get this straight, Axle-Differential Lock Rear is simply Limited Slip Differential? In otherwords, it will improve traction by means of distributing power/torque to one of the axles/wheels when needed?

    Re: Axle-Differential Lock Rear???

    Yes. Although its importance is somewhat diminuated due to the fact that it is AWD (no ADL LSD is simply unacceptable for RWD sports cars a la BMW 335i!) but it will still improve your performance in cornering.

    I think you should get some info from people who drive Tips and Mannys with LSD in their percieved differences in exit-speed cornering and drifting. Hopefully someone who has driven both?

    Re: Axle-Differential Lock Rear???

    I'm one of the few who have driven several variations (5 to date), each with a number of different options. LSD in addition to PCCB were two of the few options that I'd highly recommend. When comparing a non-LSD vs LSD equipped car, I found the latter to be much more confidence inspiring especially around the corners. It offers a much greater degree of traction during those off-throttle moments where the AWD system would normally shine. I can tell you that having LSD will make the car feel much more "planted" during aggressive cornering.

    Re: Axle-Differential Lock Rear???

    Thanks Atomic and Hurst, the reason I ask is because I am considering "speccing" a TT before the years end. If I do take the plunge, then I want to be entirely sure of my options. Thanks again for your help, and I would appreciate anymore feedback.

    Re: Axle-Differential Lock Rear???

    Hi there, since you asked for more feedback, I will tell you that I am probably the only guy who ordered the car without LSD. I have not driven a car with one like Atomic so I can't tell the difference, all I know is at 5500 miles already, the car handles great even during aggressive driving and I am sure the difference is going to be visible mostly on the track.
    By the way, the little money I saved is helping pay for tuning being done today actually.
    Get the LSD if you can, personally I don't miss what I don't know.

    Re: Axle-Differential Lock Rear???

    Thanks aah986



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