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    who is the Stig in top gear!!!????

    welll as we know there is a person wearing a helmet doing a test lap for top gear nickname call the stig, but who is this in real !?

    Re: who is the Stig in top gear!!!????

    There are several different drivers from what I've heard, which is the reason why we never see his face or hear him speak.
    I think it may be Maggie Thatcher...but Im not sure

    Re: who is the Stig in top gear!!!????

    Perry Mcarthy and Ben Collins. Maggie's a bit too old tho no doubt she was a demon driver in her prime

    Re: who is the Stig in top gear!!!????

    ahhahah u crazy!!! anyway phil what do u think of the Police shoot innocent man on Tube in london last week!?

    sorry maybe this is off topic but i am so pissed off about how the brits comment in the other forum

    Karcsi from tt forum said

    He's been living in London for 3 years, so whatever his experience back in Brasil should not have been at the forthfront of this mind or his subconscious. Or is Stockwell that dodgy that it's second nature for men with hand guns to hunt someone down, no less in broad daylight?

    I have my doubts about how clean living this guy supposedly was. After all, the families of the bombers have no idea what their son/sibling has been up to prior to the events. To run like that, either he was up to no good, or had got in with the wrong crowd who were after him and he instinctively thought these officers were them.

    We need this properly investigate before a judgment can be made. However, the judgment should be based on what police knew at the time, and not what may be found subsequently to potentially vindicate their actions in hindsight.

    Re: who is the Stig in top gear!!!????

    lets stay off politics

    Re: who is the Stig in top gear!!!????

    Carlos from Spain said:
    lets stay off politics

    agreed! it's terrible what's happening in london, but it's too soon to make assumptions.

    Re: who is the Stig in top gear!!!????

    hahah ! yea he is the stig

    Re: who is the Stig in top gear!!!????

    I'm the Stig



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