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    UK Motorist Admits 172mph Speeding in a 911

    Article on BBC News On Line :-

    Motorist admits driving at 172mph
    A motorist has admitted driving at a speed of 172mph on a road in Oxfordshire with a 70mph speed limit.
    Timothy Brady was driving a Porsche 911 along the A420 near Kingston Bagpuize when he was caught in a routine speed check, Oxford Crown Court heard.

    Brady, 33, of Harrow in north-west London, will be sentenced in September.

    The speed is thought to be the highest recorded in the UK for such an offence. Road safety charity, Brake, described the case as "shocking".

    Brady also denied a further charge of aggravated vehicle taking on Friday.

    Rachel Burr, campaigns officer for Brake, said: "The idea that someone was driving at that speed is shocking and horrific.

    "The chances that a person will be able to control a vehicle at that speed if something unexpected happens is slim.

    "It is extremely selfish - they don't have the right to put other people's lives at risk."

    I wonder if he's "One of Us"

    Re: UK Motorist Admits 172mph Speeding in a 911

    Was my OPCs ex-demo 997 Turbo car they sold to a car leasing firm. The guy is an employee there and took the car out without permission...

    Very naughty boy!

    Although 170mph does sounds a lot, it really doesn't feel that big a deal in a 997TT - incredible stable. So although I don't in any way condone what the guy did on public roads, I do find myself disagreeing with some of what that lady from 'Brake' is quoted as saying.

    How is driving that speed on a German Autobarn with traffic not equally as 'shocking and horrific' an idea as driving on a quiet dual-carriageway, which is fairly straight and has no joining roads for a couple of miles. He was caught doing it late at night from what I read.

    So yes, slap the guy big time, but don't lynch him!

    Re: UK Motorist Admits 172mph Speeding in a 911

    Agree - however there is a big difference on the Autobahn - LANE DISCIPLINE!!! The standard of driving in Germany is so much higher - and generally more considerate - than here on our overcrowded roads.

    Re: UK Motorist Admits 172mph Speeding in a 911

    If he did it at night then he was probably the only car on the road! And if you look at the road in google earth you can see no connecting roads that join, plus you'd see the lights from a long way off.

    Not defending his actions per say, just pointing out that it probably wasn't as insane as these campaigners are trying to insinuate.

    Re: UK Motorist Admits 172mph Speeding in a 911

    dreamcar said:

    I wonder if he's "One of Us"

    He doesn't look like one of ours...

    Re: UK Motorist Admits 172mph Speeding in a 911

    I found the item in the U.S. on the Drudge Report and posted the link on the Turbo board inadvertently before seeing your earlier post here.

    As someone else said, it would be interesting to find out the circumstances under which the "offense" was committed.

    Guess I'll stick to a private race track to do any heavy duty speeding legally.


    Re: UK Motorist Admits 172mph Speeding in a 911

    Re: UK Motorist Admits 172mph Speeding in a 911

    Bit more info:

    172mph Porsche driver told he may be jailed

    Breaking Britain's illegal land speed record for a four-wheeled vehicle could drive Timothy Brady to jail, a court told him yesterday.

    Brady, 33, of Harrow, was driving a brand new Porsche 911 Turbo along the A420 at Kingston Bagpuize, Oxfordshire, when police officers clocked him doing 172mph. He pleaded guilty at Oxford Crown Court yesterday.

    His speed burst gives Brady the dubious honour of being the fastest car driver in Britain to be caught breaking the speed limit, Jason McAllister having in 2003 driven a BMW M3 in Scotland at 156mph straight into a five-month jail sentence and a four-year driving ban.

    The all-time British speeding record remains, having been set by Daniel Nicks, 37, who was arrested for doing 175mph on a Honda Fireblade motorcycle in Hertfordshire, in 2000. Having strapped a camcorder to his helmet to film his feat, he crashed his bike but escaped with minor injuries, a six-week jail sentence and a two-year ban.

    Brady was travelling at a speed sufficient to lift a Boeing 737 off the runway. His speed was first achieved by Malcolm Campbell in Bluebird in Wales in 1927. In the dock yesterday Brady spoke only to confirm his name and to admit dangerous driving. He denied a further charge, that he had taken the Pounds93,000 Porsche without permission from the company for which he worked at the time. John Reilly, Brady's lawyer, told the court: "He is a young man who has no previous convictions. He pleaded guilty to a serious offence before the court today. He has lost his job as a result of this."

    Granting Brady conditional bail, Recorder James Patrick told the court: "The defendant must assume that a custodial sentence is quite likely. By releasing you on bail you must not think that I am making any promises at all about how you will be dealt with; 172mph is extremely fast." Brady was disqualified from driving, and ordered to return next month for sentencing.


    Re: UK Motorist Admits 172mph Speeding in a 911

    Nick Freeman would probably have got him off on a technicality.

    What constitutes a 'routine speed check'? I don't think a follow-check is viable at these speeds - even if a police car is capable of 170+MPH which they're not.

    According to Top Gear, speed cameras don't work if you're travelling over 170MPH....

    So was it a mobile trap? If so TG should do another test to see what can out-run THEM!

    The REAL reason for speed cameras....

    Re: UK Motorist Admits 172mph Speeding in a 911

    I guess they have captured all of the terrorists running around the UK.

    Re: UK Motorist Admits 172mph Speeding in a 911

    wow!....if i was the guy driving id tell the judge "listen you got to understand the reason why i was speeding at such a high rate is because it was a porsche"



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