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    Finally did it - 09 T4S

    I've been waiting almost two years for the facelift and today, finally spec'd a 997.2 Targa4S. It's a January build for a February or March delivery - hopefully just in time for an early spring thaw.

    I wanted something very custom, and so after much (much, much) contsternation, ended up with meteor grey exterior and a black interior with carrera red seats and a few other deviating leather pieces. I'll probably change my mind (again) tomorrow, but here's what I've ordered:

    911 Targa 4S
    Meteor Grey Metallic 9Q
    Black Full Leather AT
    19" Carrera S II wheel 419
    Dynamic Cornering Lights 603
    Front Air Intakes Painted Exterior Color CNF
    Side Skirts in Painted in Exterior Color XAJ
    Model Designation on Rear Lid Painted Exterior Color CUC
    Rear Window Wiper 425
    Self Dimming Mirrors 267
    Sport Chrono Package Plus 640
    Adaptive Sports Seats with Driver Memory P01
    Sport Seat Backs Painted in Exterior Color XSA
    Heated Seats 342
    Porsche Crest in Headrests XSC
    Rear Center Console in Exterior Color XME
    Storage Compartment Lid with Model Logo CUV
    Instrument Surround in Aluminum Look CWW
    Thicker 3-Spoke Steering Wheel in Smooth Leather XPA
    Sun Visors in Leather XMP
    Gear Lever Trim in Leather CDZ
    Lower Dash in Deviating Color (C Red) 24922
    Side Center Console in Deviating Color (C Red) 24923
    F/R Seats in Deviating Color (C Red) 25241
    Door Center Panel In Deviating Color (C Red) 25961
    Door Pull Handle/Storage Lid in Deviating Color (C Red) 26111
    Rear Side Panel in Deviating Color (C Red) 25711
    Floor Mats in Interior Color 810
    Door Entry Guards in Carbon, Illuminated CXD
    Navigation Module for PCM 672
    Bluetooth Interface for Mobile Phone 619
    XM Radio 686

    I know this combo isn't for everyone (and I'm not buying the car for the next driver), but comments are welcome.

    btw, I'm really hoping that the Carrera Sport wheels are avaialable by January or I'll probably end up with an aftermarket solution.

    Sport Chrono

    Is a complete waste of money unless you like paying for a performance placebo effect. Not optioning it also means the dash looks cleaner without the wart which would be a better fit on the dash of a rice-burner.

    Re: Sport Chrono

    Since you asked for our opinions , if I were doing all the extra $$$ in paint color matching , I'd pick a brighter color like Aqua Blue to really show it off. Meteor Grey is a nice color but it might look to the casual eye like the std black ABS plastic on the exterior bits and too much like the grey painted plastic on the steering wheel hub,center console,etc.

    I'd also add the Ipod interface and the voice control for the PCM if you are spending so much anyway. It's so much easier to speak a NAV command then dialing it in when moving.

    Re: Sport Chrono

    It is not car . it is a show roomm ..

    Enjoy it

    Re: Sport Chrono

    Great spec - btw I just ordered the carrera sport wheels on my gen 2 and told the dealer to submit the order - there was no issue and the car turned up with them just fine.

    Agree re the ipod interface!

    Re: Sport Chrono

    I didn't know that the carrera sport wheels had an issue? I'm afraid to ask the MSRP - 120k? Any discount. Love the color and options.

    Sport wheels

    I noticed that on the Porsche website car configuator that you can opt for the sport wheels for the C2S but it is not shown as an option on the C4S.

    Re: Sport Chrono

    Le Chef said:
    Is a complete waste of money unless you like paying for a performance placebo effect. Not optioning it also means the dash looks cleaner without the wart which would be a better fit on the dash of a rice-burner.

    Not true. The Sport Chrono delivers a set of driver configuration/customization options for some features of the car. Granted, not performance, but they are configurability stuff you cannot get without the Sport Chrono, I'm told.

    I'd also say, the actual clock is not a bad thing. Not having one is just like every other car out there. Having that chrono is different, but clearly not for everyone. Some folks like cars with very few distinguishing features, others like them with more. To each their own.

    Re: Sport Chrono

    Do you have a C2 or a C4? I believe that the problem is with the C4 models only.

    But still no performance gain

    All the configurable stuff is fluff - like how warm do you want your cup-holders, whether you want your latte skimmed or not, and whether you need one beer too many 30" lighting delay to illuminate your way home. Really useful stuff like that - probably all standard on a Hyundai...

    Re: But still no performance gain

    Your fluff is my nice to have. An s emblem on the back to get different tailpipes and a few more needless HP are fluff in my book. If you want to have a race car, there are GT variants for that purpose. The entire S variants are 'fluff' from my perspective. To each his own. Thats the beauty of the Porsche's. You can spend your $85-120k on whatever configuration floats your boat.

    Additional performance = fluff

    So I own an "S" and can p*ss all over the base version of my car on the track. If that's fluff, what's hard core for you - a pink Cadillac DeVille?

    You need to get out of the nail parlor more often.

    Re: Additional performance = fluff

    Geez, we are discussin luxury goods and not armour. Relax...

    To be honest I am not quite sure Meteor turns out with Carrera Red. I'd choose another striking and complementary one on the outside, as Aqua Blue, or a very discreet shade as GT-silver or Black. Meteor has a yellow-brown tint which doesn't look to good with Carrera Red. Have you seen the combination in real life?

    To support your decision-making, around my corner parks a 993 targa in Basalt Black with Black interior and deviated creme seats and door trim. Gorgeous.



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