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    Dragon Tail 1st week in April

    Now that the weather is starting to warm , thought I'd check in to see if anyone was interested in making a run on the Dragon Tail first week in April(2-6)? Any day works. Not that familiar with the area, but would be willing to meet somewhere mutual. Live in Alpharetta, Georgia.

    Re: Dragon Tail 1st week in April

    I'll try to make sure I'm in the US during April. If I am, I'm def up for this and would not want to miss out on the Dragon and hopefully the Cherohala. Any day is fine for me.

    I drove that area in December and loved it. I'd also suggest that we stay at the Snowbird Mountain Lodge. Great gourmet food there.

    Re: Dragon Tail 1st week in April

    I'm in...what weekend is Easter?

    Re: Dragon Tail 1st week in April

    6-8 April

    Re: Dragon Tail 1st week in April

    Thanks...I won't be able to participate on Easter weekend. But, I'm good the weekend after.

    Re: Dragon Tail 1st week in April

    Was hoping to schedule beginning of week...maybe Monday, April 2 when traffic is hopefully the lightest. Let me know if anyone has a preference. Should be fun!!

    Re: Dragon Tail 1st week in April

    Unfortunately I can't miss work, but otherwise I'd love to go on a Monday.

    Re: Dragon Tail 1st week in April

    Oh...that's a nice drive, no doubt. Just did that over the Christmas holidays on a long trip from Houston to New Hampshire, with a "detour" to the Tail of the dragon. Although we did not drive the Porsche it was a fabulous ride. Lots of unbelievable motorcyclists at Deals Gap too...

    Enjoy the ride - but don't do any sightseeing while you're driving or you'll become one with the trees!

    Re: Dragon Tail 1st week in April

    Dragon run is still on for Monday, April 2nd.

    So far we have the following:
    3 Porsches (Turbo, Carrera S & Carrera)
    2 BMW's (M3 & 335i Twin Turbo)
    1 Mustang Shelby GT (06)
    and possibly 1 Corvette

    We can plan to meet at Deal's Gap mid morning.

    Let me know if your interested.

    Re: Dragon Tail 1st week in April

    I'm at 80% sure right now...I'll keep you updated.

    997 Turbo?

    Re: Dragon Tail 1st week in April

    996 Turbo Slate Grey

    Re: Dragon Tail 1st week in April

    We should try to arrange a Southeast Rennteam meeting around your guy's area. I just came back from over seas and April is too soon for me. Maybe some time around June would be good for some of the Florida guys to attend Regardless I wish I could be there in April, you guys have fun

    Re: Dragon Tail 1st week in April

    For those who might be interested...

    So far we have 7 participants;
    3 Porsches
    1 BMW
    1 Vette
    1 Viper
    1 Shelby GT500

    1. Pre-trip Gathering: Starbucks (Cumming HWY 20 & GA400)
    - Time: 8:00-8:30AM
    - Address: 906 Buford Rd, Cumming, GA 30041

    2. Begin Roadtrip to Tail of the Dragon
    - Time: 8:30-9:00

    - Heading out we will take GA400 N. to US Route 19/129 (Go Left towards Blairsville).
    - We will basically follow US Route 19 / 129 all the way to the Dragon's Tail.
    - We will pass through the town's of Blairsville, Murphy, Andrews & Robbinsville.

    - Coming home we will take HWY 28 to 441 South to Interstate 985.
    - We will pass through the town's of Franklin, Clayton, Clarksville, Gainesville.

    - Total Trip: 300 miles (approx. 7 hours)

    3. Lunch: Subway (Andrews, NC)
    - Time: 12:00-12:45PM
    - Address: 14014 US 19, Whites Plaza, Andrews, N.C. 28901
    - Phone: (828) 321-2144

    4. Tail of the Dragon: Meet at intersection of HWY 129 and HWY 28
    - Time: 1:30-2:00PM

    5. Main Photo Opp: Base of Fontana Dam, NC off Hwy 28
    - Time: 3:30-4:00PM

    6. Dinner: TBD.
    - Time: 5:00-6:00PM

    Re: Dragon Tail 1st week in April

    Shame i can't make this as I get back from the UK on the 5th.
    I'm sure you'll have a blast...enjoy!



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